Retractable stepladder from China


In everyday life, and especially in the country, it is very important to always have the opportunity to access objects that are too high. A ladder is also needed during the care of the trees in the garden. Buy this ladder at the website of Alyekspress.

A powerful fastening system allows you to firmly fix the ladder in the unfolded position. Thus, there is no need for her to be supported by another person. The package includes a compact storage bag, which will protect the device from the negative impact of the environment.

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The ladder has several sections (modes in which the product can be installed) - by 2 meters, 2.9 meters, 3.2 meters, 3.8 meters, 4.1 meters and 4.4. meter. Thanks to such a large number of sections, the ladder can be used for almost any task. In the folded state, the length of the ladder is only 1.4 meters - a fairly compact version that can be easily transported.

Aluminum is the material from which the ladder from the Chinese manufacturer is made. The cost of the goods is 5925 rubles. Delivery to the Russian Federation is absolutely free of charge and is carried out from a warehouse in Russia. For the transfer to Ukraine will have to pay 2444 rubles. Estimated time of arrival of goods to the recipient's mail is from 5 to 15 working days. The product structure is a single and direct stepladder.

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So where is it more profitable to buy goods, from us or from the Chinese? When ordering a new sectional stepladder on Avito (Russia), you will have to pay about 6 800 rubles. The maximum length of such a ladder in the unfolded form is 5 meters.

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In Ukraine, such a stepladder can be bought for an average of , 00 rubles

As we see, for residents of Russia the difference in price is about 1000 rubles. For residents of Ukraine will have to make a choice. The average cost of a staircase in an online store is , 00 - , 00 Russian rubles, and on AliExpress more than , 00 with delivery. In addition, the telescopic ladder from China is rather small in the mode of maximum expansion meter.

Buyer's response to Chinese goods - video

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