How to grow seedlings in film and toilet paper?

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Heard about the method of growing seedlings in toilet paper. Quite unusual, but the friends who used it, were satisfied. Tell us how to grow seedlings in film and toilet paper at home, and what are the advantages of this method?

Fantasy gardening is truly inexhaustible. What the craftsmen will not come up with to get strong healthy seedlings. One of the non-traditional ways of obtaining seedlings from seeds is the method of growing seedlings in film and toilet paper. It is also called landless. Its name is fully justified, because the seeds germinate simply on paper without the addition of land.

Advantages of using the landless method

To get seedlings with the help of the landless way of growing it is very simple, and time will not be much needed. The main advantages of using such cultivation are:

  • for seedling will require very little space;
  • the root system of such shoots is stronger than that obtained through germination of seeds in the ground;
  • seed germination is also higher;
  • Cultures grown from such seedlings bear fruit a week earlier;
  • the incidence of seedling with a black stalk is almost impossible.
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Technology of growing seedlings

For "sowing seeds" you will need:

  1. Plastic bags.
  2. Toilet paper.
  3. Cropped plastic bottle or glass.
  4. Seeds.

Packets are cut lengthways into strips, the width of the strips should roughly equal the width of the toilet paper, and spread them on the floor. On top of the polyethylene lay out the paper. The length of the bands is arbitrary, the main thing is that the roll then fit into the container.

Dry the toilet paper lightly with water from the spray gun and lay the seeds in a row under one edge (from the top to retreat 1 cm). Between the seeds leave a distance of 3 cm. Cover the laid out seeds with a second piece of toilet paper. It's also getting wet. Top another layer of cut strips from the package.

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For convenience, you can write on the film with a marker what seeds are planted.

Strips of seeds are twisted into a roll not very tightly and put standing in a trimmed plastic bottle or a large glass. Pour a little water in the pan.


The roll must be set so that the top with the seeds turns out.

The necessary amount of moisture will flow to the seeds through toilet paper, and two layers of film will create a greenhouse effect and protect the seeds from drying out. In order not to dry up the top edge of toilet paper, you can cover the top with another glass. But in this case it will be necessary to regularly aerate the seedlings, raising the second glass.

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After the seeds have come through (it takes about a week), we need to give them another couple of weeks to grow up. After 2 weeks, grown-up sprouts with two real leaves will need to be seeded.

To do this, carefully roll the roll, remove the top layer of paper (what's left of it) and select the strongest sprouts. It's okay if the paper is badly separated - you can transplant with it, there will be no harm from it.

Sprouts plant in separate cups (there already need nutrient soil). Further care for the shoots is the same as for regular seedlings. If desired, the remaining undeveloped shoots are again wrapped and grown.

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