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The content of nutrients in captivity should provide comfortable living to animals and convenient care for them. By equipping the place of maintenance - cells for nutria, it is necessary to take into account the way of life of animals. From the climatic conditions in the region, it depends on how warm the cell needs to be made. For the maintenance of animals use a complex - a paddock, a dining room, a swimming pool.

Types and features of cells for nutrients

By behavior in captivity, nutria reminds a rabbit, only it needs at least a small pool in the summer, in winter in cold regions nutria contain no bathing. If the cells are multi-tiered, it is impossible to organize the paddock, then they are equipped with a double bottom and automatically supply water for the procedures.

In winter, nutria is not bathed in an outdoor pool, if the water is covered with ice cake. The animals themselves are not afraid of severe frosts, it saves the skin. Paws and tail freeze, even with a slight drop in temperature.

Cells for nutria are built according to the needs:

  • the contents of adults for reproduction;
  • rearing of young animals;
  • growing of repair young animals.

An adult herd consists of families consisting of several females and a male. There are also cages for mothers with cubs. The house should be warm with a walk and a swimming pool.

The stock of livestock from young animals is placed in cages with minimal conveniences, shelter, paddock and a place for feeding should be provided.

To replace old nutria from the breeding stock, the most developed, with the desired color of the skin, is left. They are kept in comfortable conditions, as they prepare for reproduction.

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Requirements for the arrangement of cells for nutria:

  • it is necessary to divide the cell into a feeding and nest compartment;
  • Access inside for maintenance - the opening roof of the cage;
  • protection of structures against gnawing with a metal mesh;
  • warming cells at sub-zero temperatures;
  • compliance with the density of cell population;
  • The drinking bowls and feeding troughs are fixed permanently.

The place of the nest compartment should have a soft litter, and on the walking area and in the dining room the floor is covered with tin or built with a concrete screed. Doors between the compartments and access to the pool are protected by doors suspended from the upper hinges so that they open freely in the direction of movement of the animal.

We collect a house for nutria

Anyone can make a cage for nutria by himself. We will build a portable house to keep animals in the street in the summer and move them to a warm room in the winter. To prevent your pets from escaping, the inner lining of the walls is made of metal mesh. Powerful nutria cutters easily crumble a tree, but they can not have a metal wire. We will build a cage for nutria, as in the photo, as described.

Materials and tools:

  • boards from larch, plywood sheets;
  • heat-insulating material;
  • grid with a cell, cm and a wire thickness of 5-6 mm;
  • grid on the floor, cell up to, *, cm;
  • slate sheets, sheet metal;
  • tools, awnings and fittings.
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Practical owners often buy scrap iron at the point of scrap metal reception. There you can find good and suitable nets, canopies, metal rods, paying much less as for recyclables.

Using the drawings of the cell for nutria, cut the workpieces. Sleeping place to do without windows, but with a hole about 20 * 20 cm.


The order of building a house:

  1. We prepare the sandwich panels from the outer layers of boards and the lining of the insulation. Stiffeners serve as a frame, internal rails, on which the heater is fixed. Three-layer panels are fastened together, forming a bed frame from three sides, the fourth - a grid.
  2. For the summer house we build a structure from a grid, fixing it on a skeleton from wooden bars.
  3. All wooden parts are covered from the side of the room with slate, metal or mesh.
  4. The roof should be opened to care for the animals, the mount used is hinged.
  5. We arrange doors or holes for free movement of small animals. In the dining room we arrange metal troughs - feeding troughs and drinking bowls. To save space, we strengthen them along the walls.
  6. The entire structure is equipped with a pull-out tray under the mesh for cleaning the faeces.

The cage is ready, you can use it in winter and summer, but in summer you will definitely need a swimming pool for swimming and feces. Yes, they do their physiological procedures, where they bathe. Therefore, water must be renewed frequently. Look at the video of how the cages for nutria are arranged in the farm:

The summer content of nutrients should be arranged approximately as in the drawing.

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Descent into the swimming pool is necessarily smooth, the site itself is located with a slight bias. The pool can be a reinforced concrete or metal trough arranged in the ground. Water should be regularly updated so that it does not become a stinking puddle.

In winter, farmers do not give water for drinking, replacing it with juicy fodder. This prevents the appearance of excess moisture in the room.

If one cell is not enough, the design can be made doubled, with a common long wall. This will save space in a warm room. For a female with cubs, a structure without a walk is required, a two-section structure measuring 100 * 80 cm. The height of the front wall must be at least 70 cm. Variants, how to make a cage for the nutrients of living at home, set. To assemble a cage from aluminum corners and a grid it is possible, being guided by the attached drawings.

Two-section cell and a cage with a walking zone

In this case, it is necessary to take into account, the cage is placed on a stand, from below a waste collection tray is installed. The content of nutrients in multi-tiered cells is allowed. This arrangement does not allow you to organize a general walking and swimming.

The article presents variants of cells for nutrients contained in various conditions. Each owner of animals finds his way of arrangement, with reference to the number of flocks and climatic conditions. The basic principles of keeping nutrients are always the same - cleanliness in the nest, fresh food and the availability of bathing water in the summer.

Video about making multi-tiered cells for nutria

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