Growing camellia from seeds at home

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Tell me how to properly plant the seeds of camellia? What needs to be done for this? Thank you.

A beautiful camellia is a bright representative of the family of Tea trees and is able to make a worthy competition to ornamental plants. Elegant tree or bush covered with glossy leaves, similar to plastic. And with the onset of flowering from the large inflorescences of camellias of the most diverse color and shape, just do not tear off the eye.

Varietal camellias are propagated with the help of propagation - this allows preserving all parental signs and achieving early flowering. But species camellias such as, tea, can be obtained with the help of seeds.

Before you start planting seeds, it is worth to carefully study all the subtleties of seed growing camellias, namely:

  • select and prepare quality seeds;
  • correctly seed sowing;
  • ensure proper care of seedlings.
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Selection and preparation of seeds

Experienced flower growers practicing the cultivation of camellias at home, it is recommended to purchase seeds in specialized stores, or even better - directly in the greenhouses of botanical gardens.

For seeding, only mature seeds with a dark brown color are suitable. White color indicates immaturity.

Purchased fresh seeds should be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator until the moment of sowing to prevent their drying. Dry seeds from bags should be soaked overnight in water, for fresh, this procedure is not required. In addition, immediately before sowing in dry seeds, the integrity of the shell should be disturbed in order for them to sprout faster (for example, gently saw or pierce).

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Seed sowing

For seed germination, you can use:

  • substrate for azaleas or camellias;
  • heather compost;
  • vermiculite;
  • mixture of perlite and moss-sphagnum;
  • a mixture of peat and river sand.

Small pots with a diameter of 7-9 cm fill with soil and water it. Prepared seeds should be placed in containers, while the eye should be located on the bottom or side. It is not necessary to deepen deeply, it is enough to slightly press into the ground and sprinkle a little seed on top of the substrate. The pot should be covered with a film and placed on a partially darkened window sill in a room with a temperature of at least 22 degrees Celsius.


Further care for seedlings

The soil in the pot must be kept moist at all times, while avoiding stagnation of moisture. Periodically, the hothouse is ventilated, raising the packet. Completely remove it can be after sprouting seedlings. This may take several months.

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When the camellia seedlings grow to 7 cm in height and form 4 true leaves, the seedlings must be transplanted into larger vessels (up to 1 liter). The next transplant is carried out not earlier than the seedlings will grow up well and grow stronger.

During the first transplant, the camellia seedlings must be dived - cut the tip of the root system to stimulate its branching.

Camellia, grown with the help of seeds, blossom only from the fifth year of life.

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