Growing pea seedlings

Pea - bean climber. Many gardeners use trellis to grow it. In order to quickly obtain the harvest of legumes, it is necessary to grow seedlings. A bush of peas grown from seedlings brings harvest in the third month after transplanting the seedlings into open ground.

For ripening pea seedlings, well ripened legume seeds are used. Pea pods with seedlings for seedlings are left to ripen on a bush until June. Ripened pods become yellow, their stem completely dries out. In order for the peas to fully ripen, the bush must be treated with insecticides and fungicides.

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The most dangerous pest for an annual leguminous plant is the pea moth, young pea bushes are most often infected with black leg spores. The garden perlite is well delayed in the spores of this fungal disease, so they need to mulch the pea bushes. With all these rules for the care of peas, you will grow high-quality ripe seeds ready for germination.

Sprouting Pea Seeds

In order to obtain seedlings with a strong root system, pea beans are germinated in sandy soil. This method of germination is inefficient, as the pea seed stores very few nutrients. Unlike tulip or hyacinth bulbs, the pea root system does not have enough strength to penetrate the soil. In the case of ground sprouting, ripe pea seeds will take root no sooner than two weeks after planting in a pot, and it will be possible to form a root system capable of transferring transplant to open ground only three weeks later.

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In hydroponic germination, peas form a strong root system after two weeks. A month later, after planting in the open ground, the pea bush will bloom, and after six weeks it will be possible to harvest.

In order to grow seedlings in a hydroponic way, a large amount of artificial light will be needed. Light day seedlings need to be increased to 16-18 hours per day.

Snail is well suited for germinating pea seeds. Three-layer toilet paper is placed on a plastic bag. It is moistened with water, and then laid in a row of ripe pea seeds. Paper and cellophane are rolled into a roll, wetting each “coil of snail shell” with water. When the seeds form powerful roots, the "snail" unfold. Then you need to plant pea seedlings in open ground.

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