A real assistant housewife - chopper from China


Meat is the main ingredient of a thousand dishes. From pork or beef minced meat you can prepare tasty cutlets or juicy sausages. Beef Wellington, Italian Bolognese sauce and casserole with ground meat are works of culinary art for any celebration. But a gentle burrito, burger "Sloppy Joe" or lavash roll is an ideal option for lunch. With the Philips HR2713 / 30 mincer, these masterpieces will become regular delicacies of the family. In this case, additional attachments allow you to do many other things.

Features of meat grinder

The rated power of the electric motor is 450 W for processing soft products: vegetables, fruits, fish or chicken fillets. To cope with pork, onions or beef, the engine's potential is , 00 Watts. In this regard, for 1 min. the landlady can kill, kg of fresh meat.

The duration of the continuous operation of the device is a maximum of 5 minutes. If it gets very hot, you need to let it cool down.

In a set of grinder is a pair of gratings with a hole diameter of 5, and also 8 mm.For preparation of sausages two nozzles are provided: thin (12 mm), and also large (22 mm). As a result, you can prepare nipples or sausages. For piquancy taste in the mince is added hard cheese.

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A characteristic feature of this model is the presence of nozzles for the preparation of juice.A special unit for the juicer, shaft, filter, o-ring, and special mount make the frash unique. Among other things, there are three types of nozzles-drums for cutting:

  • large grater;
  • slices;
  • small grater.
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Fans of Arabic cuisine will like the presence of a hollow nozzle for the preparation of kebbe (meat sausages, patties or patties with stuffing).

To get more juice on the output, the pulp is recommended to pass through the meat grinder several times.


The hull of Philips 27 HR2713 / 30 is made of durable plastic. Due to the compact dimensions it is easy to wash and store even in a small kitchen. Other features of the technology include the following:

  1. The material of the drums and knives is stainless steel. When they come into contact with food, they do not oxidize, which means they stay sharp longer and do not spoil the meat with the taste of metal.
  2. Automatic adjustment of the screw and knife allows you to install the nozzle in the right way. As a result, the meat grinder will not chew meat.
  3. Special accessories for cleaning. On the grate, you should put on this unit and rinse it under the faucet.
  4. The connecting gear is made of metal. If it was made of plastic, it broke down under heavy load, and it can not be replaced.
  5. Protection system. Automatic shut-off in case of overheating. Also on the motor there is a plastic bushing. It protects it from mechanical damage (bones and solid objects).
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You can find this miracle technique on the Alyakspress for 4 098 rubles. It's a discount.In online stores such a meat grinder Phillips costs from 5 to 9 thousand rubles (from 2 555 UAH. up to 2 559 UAH).Comparing the characteristics will help make a wise choice!

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