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Rarely can anyone imagine their diet without a salad from Peking cabbage. You can grow a delicious and healthy vegetable in your own garden, knowing the fineness of planting and caring for it. This is not difficult at all, especially since Peking cabbage has a short vegetative period.

When is it better to plant cabbage?

Peking cabbage is a vegetable of a short daylight, so it should be planted in a period when the light day has the least amount of hours. Such requirements are due to the fact that with prolonged exposure to sunlight, a peck often goes into color, instead of forming a head.

The most optimal time for planting this variety is early spring or late summer.

A good way to grow a Peking cabbage in two sets:

  • the first sowing should be carried out between April 15 and May 1;
  • the second crop is from July 20 to August 10.
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How and where to plant culture?

Due to the fact that cabbage heads are large enough and require a lot of space, experienced vegetable gardeners advise sowing seeds directly into the ground. In addition, Peking does not tolerate picking, so the seedless way of growing for her is the best.

The site for planting a crop must be well illuminated, while it is necessary to avoid waterlogged and acidic soils. Peking cabbage grows well in the beds, where garlic, onions, cucumbers and potatoes were grown earlier.

In the loamy soil, before sowing the seeds, it is necessary to add sand and dig the beds. The earth with high acidity, 2 weeks before sowing, shed a solution based on dolomite flour or hydrated lime (200 g per 10 l of water).

Sow the seeds in warmed soil. To do this, cover the future beds with a black film and leave for 14 days.

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After the specified time:

  • add ash to the site and make holes 15 cm in diameter, leaving a distance of 40 cm between them - with a closer cabbage planting, it will not develop well and get sick;
  • compact the soil and sow 2 seeds;
  • sprinkle with a thin layer of earth;
  • cover with a cap of a cut off plastic bottle of 5 liters (cover on the bottle until you open it).
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Subtlety of care for seedlings

When the seeds germinate, leave the strongest sprout, and remove the second. As soon as the remaining plant grows a little, you can start airing the plantings, unscrewing the lids on the bottles. Through the same hole is convenient to carry out and watering. Peking cabbage normally transfers water from the top to the head.

The first top dressing should be done when two real leaves are formed on the bushes. To do this, 1 liter of infused into 10 liters of water and pour the plants under the root.

In phase 4 of these leaves remove the cap. Then spend and hilling. To water cabbage it is necessary regularly, but it is moderate, avoiding drying of the soil, otherwise the head will be badly tied.

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