When to replace raspberries: nuances and terms of seasonal transplants

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Help me decide when to replace raspberries? We have an old raspberry on the dacha, which has been inherited from the previous owners. Despite the fact that I trim it every year, I noticed that the berries began to grow smaller. The neighbor advised to transplant bushes. She says she's just degenerating there and need a new place. Can I do it in the fall or better wait until spring?

Although raspberry is a perennial plant, in one place it feels good about six years. All subsequent years raspberry slows down its growth and reduces fruiting. Why is it so? Just the soil under the bushes "outlives" itself, even despite feeding. To preserve high-quality raspberries and crops, periodically plants need a transplant. In principle, it is not so important to replant a raspberries. Its root system is so powerful and developed that it quickly rebuilds and builds up new roots. Naturally, this is not done in winter, but during the rest of the year the transplantation is quite possible. Of course, every season has its own nuances and recommended dates. We'll talk about them today.

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Spring raspberry transplant dates

You can not start work in raspberries before the land warms up. Also, it is worth waiting for buds to swell on the shoots. Then it will be seen that the stems are alive, and which need to be completely cut out. It is important not to delay the transplant before the leaves start developing from the kidneys. In this form the seedlings bear a little worse digging. There is no exact date for the procedure, it all depends on the climate. You need to focus on the end of March - mid-April.

In the spring, last year's bushes are transplanted. In the summer and autumn it is better to move young, well-developed, annual shoots.

It should be borne in mind that the spring raspberries replanted in the spring for the summer, even though they will tie, but there will be few. But by the next season fruiting will fully recover in former (and more) volumes and quality.

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Can I replace raspberries in summer?

When growing a patch of raspberry on a summer transplant, there can be no question. At this time on the shoots the harvest is still ripening. But the early varieties by the end of August finish fruiting. It is quite possible to begin replanting in the summer.

For the first time after the summer transplant raspberries need to be shaded.

When to change raspberries in the fall?

Autumnal raspberry transplantation does not violate its vegetative cycle. Like the old, and young (transplanted) raspberries will begin to bear fruit according to schedule, next summer. In this case, the quality of the crop usually changes immediately for the better.

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With regard to timing, then:

  • to dig out the seedlings should be started in the middle of September;
  • in the southern regions, an October transplant is possible, but not later.

It is important that before the first frost, the bushes managed to take root and grow stronger. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will not survive the winter.

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