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In one ancient legend it is said that everyone who sees the fern flowers will be able to find true happiness. But in our time it is not necessary to go for this in the forest, because gentle Venus hair (a kind of fern) can be successfully grown at home. Although he will not give the households of lush flowers, his greenery will fill the living abode with freshness and cheer up. Sometimes the branches of this fern are used to create exclusive bouquets for the bride. And some gardeners plant the plant on the backyard.

The ancient ancestors of the Venus of hair luxuriantly flourished in the territory of South America. To date, a miracle flower is familiar practically on the whole planet. He is known in Canada and Mexico, in the US and Russia, in the Crimea and in the Caucasus. In a natural environment a fern meets alongside mountain streams, waterfalls, and often in gorges between rocks. It is interesting that the other name of the plant is the adianum, which in translation means wetting. When water enters the lacy sheet plates, it gracefully drains from its surface, leaving only an easy trace. Such a pretty plant deserves careful attention to itself and proper care.

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Exterior description of the "fairytale" plant

The flower of the Venus hair is one of the varieties of fern. Its long, elegant shoots are covered with miniature patterned leaves with a hydrophobic layer. Due to this, water does not stay on them, but flows freely to the ground. Some varieties differ by long (about 50 cm) leaves of light green color of elongated shape.

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The plant grows up to 30 cm in height. It has a scaly creeping rhizome about 70 cm in length. On it there is a huge number of rhizoids, with which the adianum Venus of hair is attached to the surface of the soil. The stem on which the leaves are kept has a black tint and an elastic structure. From it depart segments, light green in the form of miniature fans with a length of 1 cm.

On the underside of the sheet plate are pockets, where hides are hidden. Being in such a cozy storage, they are protected from moisture, so do not germinate ahead of time. They are viewed through a thin green texture of the vaii segment in the form of dark dotted lines. The fern of the Venus hair produces spores almost all summer, starting from the end of May, and so on until the fall.The plant is well established in greenhouses and at home.

Propagate Venus hair often by dividing the rhizome into parts. In a natural environment, reproduction through spores is possible.

Practical tips for flower care

For the life of every plant, watering is of great importance:

  • timely;
  • with an individual approach;
  • regular;
  • moderate.

This is especially true of a tender fern - an adianum. The liquid must be at room temperature. The best option is rain water. If the house is cold, the plant should be watered moderately to protect the roots from rot.In winter, it is advisable to place the Venus of hair away from batteries or pipes of the room heating system.

The flower does not like excessive moisturizing, since leaves suffer from this. Lack of moisture leads to premature death of the rhizome. Therefore, you should regularly look after the fern to avoid extremes.

It is important when taking care in the home, Venus hair to put in a place where the least sunlight. The plant prefers shady places, since lace leaves suffer from direct rays.First they lose their excellent color, and eventually wither. You can put a pot of plant in the house on the north or east windows, where it will feel especially comfortable.

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Care at home for a flower of the Venus of Hair means creating a high level of humidity in the house or apartment where it grows. Otherwise, small openwork leaves will hurt and crumble. Therefore, it is desirable to spray the plant regularly with water from a spray gun. Another option for creating optimal moisture for the idiocy is to put the pot with the plant in a container with moistened peat.

To make the right care at home for the hair adianthum Venus, it is important to keep the house clean. The plant likes pure air, because its distant ancestors grew in forests or near river streams.Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular wet cleaning in the room where the fern is located.

It's not appropriate for heavy smokers to pollute the air with smoke near the lush green of the home fern.

In addition, Venus hair does not like extreme heat. The optimum temperature for him is not more than 22 degrees. For such a flower it is worth trying and creating comfortable conditions for it. The reward for the effort will be a charming masterpiece, depicted in the photo - a flower of the Venus hair.

It is equally important to choose a convenient container for the plant, because it has a powerful root, which needs space. The ideal solution is a wide, spacious pot.In it the root system will perfectly develop, and the flower will long please the green of the household.

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In order to successfully develop the adianum at home, it is important to put it in a suitable mixture. To do this, take 1 part of the leaf mixture, 2 parts of peat and mix thoroughly.It is not superfluous to add sand, charcoal (crushed) and fertilizer containing calcium to the substrate.

In the basal area the soil must be loose and it is good to pass the liquid.

Care involves regular fertilizing and pruning plants in the summer and spring. You can do it 2 times a month. When dying leaves appear on the fern bushes, they should be cut off. Flaccid, dry or pale specimens should be removed in time to give the adianum a second life. The main thing is, after cutting the plant regularly watered and sprinkled.

A few words I want to say about the possible pests of the adianum. If the room where the flower grows, too dry air on the shoots appears spiderweb. As a result, the leaves fade, then turn yellow and die. To get rid of a spider mite will help a weak shower with warm water. After such a procedure it is important to control the level of humidity in the house so that the flower does not dry out.

Sometimes aphids are planted on the back of the leaves. Because of this, they turn yellow, twist and die. To overcome the pest will help special chemicals, after which the plant should be "bathed" under a warm shower. And then the house will be filled with the lush green of the charming fern - the Venus of hair.

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