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Tell me, when is it better to plant cucumbers on seedlings? Summer is very short, we do not always have time to remove the whole crop before the cold, and fruits often do not have time to grow and mature. We decided to try a seedling method, they say that the first cucumbers can be ripped off a few weeks earlier against those plants that were sown immediately to the garden.

One of the advantages of the seedling method of planting cucumbers is the opportunity to get an early harvest of crispy green fruits already at the beginning of summer. It is not surprising, because in the open ground are already planted fully formed plants that prepare to tie fruit, at a time when the seeds sown immediately on the garden are still at the stage germination. Thus, it is possible to approximate the fruiting time by two, or even three, weeks. There is another aspect of seedling cultivation: cucumbers are a thermophilic crop and in regions with late spring and short summer planting through seedlings - perhaps the only way to provide yourself with seasonal house vegetables, so it is important to know when to plant cucumbers on seedlings.

Seedlings of cucumbers grow quickly and a maximum of 30 days seedlings need to be transplanted to a permanent place. If the seeds are planted early, there is a risk of "overexposing" the plants in the room, and then they do not tolerate the transplant and do not always get accustomed.

The time when you can start planting cucumbers into seedlings, depends on several factors, namely:

  • climatic conditions;
  • places of further cultivation of culture;
  • sorts of cucumbers, and more specifically - the time of ripening of the crop.
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The influence of climate on the timing of sowing

Cultivation of cucumbers in the south and in the north is significantly different. If in the southern strip, with its early spring and a fairly long summer, it is possible to sow the seeds for seedlings at the end February, in the middle zone of Russia landing should not begin before April, and in Siberia and even later - it is better to wait I'm at home.

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Features of sowing seedlings for growing cucumbers in the garden and in the greenhouse

Of no small importance is the fact, where the cucumber seedlings will later be transplanted. In greenhouse cultivation, especially if the premises are heated, the timing of sowing does not play a special role. But in the case when the seedlings will be planted on the garden bed, it is necessary to take into account the weather conditions.

Calculate the approximate seeding time is simple: transplant the seedlings of cucumbers in the open ground can not be earlier than the earth will warm up at least about 15 degrees, and air - from 20 degrees of heat. By this time, the seedlings must reach the age of not more than 1 month. Total, if the stable heat comes at the end of May, the seeds need to be sown at the end of April.

We take into account the terms of fruiting

Of course, the first vegetables are always the most delicious, but to provide themselves with cucumbers before the beginning of autumn, it is better to sow several varieties with different fruiting terms. It should be noted that in addition to the different duration of the growing season, they have resistance to low temperatures:

  • early ripening varieties of cucumbers ripen within a month after sowing, while they tolerate the cold better, which makes it possible to sow seeds on seedlings earlier, in addition, they are especially popular in the northern regions;
  • varieties with medium and late maturation - heat-loving and need a later planting, but the fruit will begin in 55 or 75 days, respectively.
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Taking into account all the above nuances, picking up and calculating the time of sowing of cucumber seedlings will not cause any trouble for truck farmers, regardless of their place of residence.

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