Cassette tanks. for growing seedlings of vegetable and flower crops

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Work on the backyard or cottage is always associated with the cultivation of vegetables and flowers. Every second gardener tries to grow seedlings on his own using a variety of adaptations and new agrotechnical solutions. So recently, garden utensils included cassette molds for growing seedlings.

Varieties of cassettes allow growing in domestic and greenhouse conditions seedlings with high-grade formed by the root system, capable of quickly settling in the open ground and giving a high and quality harvest.

Sectional tanks intended for growing shoots of plants have a variety of shaped shapes and are classified into plastic and peat, having a special pallet for the purpose preservation of moisture and creation of cleanliness within the shelves or countertops on which the seeded seed material for germination is exposed and the comfort of their transfer and transportation.Light forms of various depths allow growing seedlings of absolutely any plant, causing it a protected environment for vegetative development before and after landing in the open ground. Cassettes for seedlings are the golden mean between the use of pots and cumbersome seedling wooden boxes.

Methods of growing seedlings in cassettes

The agrotechnical technique of using cassettes for seedlings is simple and does not differ much from the methods of growing seedlings in other containers. A lot of cells can grow a large number of shoots, saving space to ensure its full vegetation period before the release of the first foliage.

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Pre-prepared soil is poured into empty cells, having a light and porous structure enriched by all the necessary nutrient micro- and macro-elements, in which seeds are sown, bulbs or shoots of flowers are planted and shrubs. After sowing, the molds are covered with a film and kept in a temperature regime of 25 ° C in a ventilated bright room.

To prevent stagnation of moisture in the cells, holes are made in them to escape excess moisture.

Watering the cassette seedlings is expediently carried out with the help of an atomizer spraying water onto micro-drops.

When a certain period of vegetative development is reached, seedlings from plastic containers are easily removed and planted in open ground.

Peat cassettes are the purest sphere for growing plants in terms of ecological and biological aspects of agrotechnology. Seedlings, together with peat pack, are planted in the open ground, after which, under the influence of moisture and other natural and climatic constituents decomposes in the soil, leaving in it useful microparticles, fertilizing priming.

The plastic container has a reusable property and is subject to washing and cleaning, whereas peat cassettes for seedlings are a one-time product.

Advantages of cassettes for seedlings

The use of cassette molds for growing seedlings has a number of advantages:

  • stipulates the possibility of growing each individual shoot in isolated conditions, which presupposes and ensures the healthy development of the plant;
  • creates optimally favorable conditions for the development of a powerful root system of plants and the same developmental conditions for all elements of the seed material;
  • eliminates the hassle associated with the picking of seedlings;
  • creates comfortable conditions during the cultivation of seedlings due to its compactness;
  • stipulates the rapid planting of seedlings in the open ground and does not allow damage to the root system;
  • has a low cost, stipulating savings under the cost item included in the cost price of seedlings;
  • The plastic container is light in weight and has a hardy wall density, which allows its operation over several planting periods;
  • due to the variety of shapes, diameter and depth, cassette molds allow the cultivation of an absolutely complete natural list of plants;
  • peat packaging is an excellent fertilizer for soil after qualitative decomposition;
  • Cassettes for seedlings are comfortable both in the physical perspective and in the aesthetic.
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The right choice of cassettes for growing seedlings

Faced with a huge assortment of cassette forms for seedlings, the gardener is lost in conjecture, which is still a modification of these to choose, so as not to be trapped.

The main properties of products, which need to pay attention to:

  • dimensional characteristics and instructions for the use of cassette molds from the manufacturer;
  • material of manufacture: dense plastic or not too dense and porous structure of peat forms;
  • use in the manufacture of non-toxic materials and the ratio of natural to artificial, equal to 70 to 30%; give preference to forms of polystyrene and peat without all kinds of impurities constituents;
  • cost of cassette molds;
  • the presence of vacuum packaging, indicating the correct storage of cassettes, especially this is true when buying peat sections;
  • if there is no instructions for use, then the choice is made according to the agrotechnical norms of plant development;
  • choosing sections according to the size of the cell, it is worth buying a mold with a small margin of depth, by virtue of ensuring effective planting in cases of overgrowth of seedlings or shoots.
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Knowing about the forms for seedlings the most important characteristics, you can safely get down to business and, observing all agrotechnical conditions and norms, to grow healthy and strong plants in order to obtain high yields and large flowering.

The method of growing seedlings in plastic and peat sectional forms at home or in greenhouses is equally effective, but which one to apply to practice, the performer of the work on growing and planting must determine himself, making sure that they are comfortable in advance by sampling at their land site.

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