Cultivation of cucumbers on the windowsill

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Breeders brought out new varieties of cucumbers, adapted for growing on the windowsill. One of these varieties is the hybrid "F1 window-balcony". This grade is intended for winter planting. Cucumbers of this variety react positively to a decrease in daylight hours. Since the variety is medium-lobed, the plant does not take up much space, which is very important for growing on a windowsill. Plant cucumbers at a time when the light day begins to increase. 10 days before planting in a pot, the seeds need to germinate. To do this, you can use a container with a wet fleece or make a "snail". Let's consider two ways of germination in more detail.

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Sprouting in a closed container

Seeds are germinated on a fleece impregnated with warm water or a solution of potassium permanganate. The cotton wool is placed in a closed container to keep the moisture longer. One cotton wool can be put up to five seeds, the distance between them should be, see. Then wrap the fleece in half, covering the seeds. Every 2-3 days in a container with seeds you need to pour a little water. Thus, maintain a constant humidity. When the seeds are pierced, they are planted in the ground.

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Sprouting in the "snail"

You can grow full-grown cucumber seedlings in the "snail". For this it is necessary to cut off the square of the insulation 10x10 cm in size. You can use a substrate under the laminate. Then you need to cut a piece of gauze. It should be 2 cm higher in height than the square of the heater. Gauze should be moistened. Then it is placed on the prepared square. On the cheesecloth you need to put 2-3 seeds. Heat insulation together with gauze is rolled into a tube. The resulting "snail" is placed in a container with water. Thanks to gauze, the plants will eat moisture.

When 2-3 leaves appear on the cucumbers, the "snail" is unfolded and the cheesecloth is carefully cut to obtain individual seedlings.

Pot Preparation

At the bottom of the pot, a drainage layer of large pebbles is covered. Then a pot on two thirds fill with a fertile mix. To make it, you need to mix four parts of the earth, two parts of peat and one part of sand or garden vermiculite. Then the soil must be well shed and cucumbers planted in it. The pot must be placed on a pallet. For a pallet, you can use disposable plates or a plate. Also, it is desirable, for additional illumination, to put a lamp near the pots with cucumbers.

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