Care for cabbage seedlings after planting on a bed

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This year, sowed on seedlings early cabbage. Purchased seedlings for some reason do not take root well. Shoots rose together, all strong and healthy. I'm waiting for the heat to move them to the garden. Tell me, what care for cabbage seedlings is necessary after landing in the open ground in order to protect it from diseases and pests?

With the onset of the month, truck farmers have new concerns - it's time to plant the seedlings vegetable crops in the garden, including cabbage, without which not one self-respecting self does summer resident. Some grow it on their own, others buy already prepared seedlings. However, in both cases, after planting, it is important to give plants increased attention, because the future harvest depends on this.

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Spring is usually pretty deceptive, if the sun warms the earth well in the daytime, then there are often frosts at night. In order to protect cabbage seedlings from freezing, beds are recommended to be sheltered. If possible, you can use a special material (white spunbond), in the extreme case, fit and old newspapers. Such sheltered will also protect the landing from the sun.

You can take off the cover one week after cabbage planting or when the air temperature rises to 18 degrees in the daytime.

Further care for the sprouts of cabbage after landing in the open ground includes:

  • regular watering;
  • application of fertilizers;
  • planting for protection and pest control.

Watering regime of cabbage seedlings

Cabbage - a vegetable very hygrophilous, to form strong heads it requires regular watering. To conduct it should be in the evening with the frequency:

  • not less than 2 days - in hot weather;
  • about 5 days - on cloudy days.
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After watering, you must necessarily loosen the earth around the bush so that a crust does not form, preventing access to the air to the roots. Three weeks after transplant, seedlings can be bored. Repeated hilling done in a week after the first.

To prevent rapid drying of the soil, a mulch layer (peat, straw) should be laid on the beds.

Addition of cabbage

After the seedlings get accustomed and thrive in growth, it must be fed with nutrients:

  1. After 2 weeks after disembarkation, apply nitrogen fertilizers. In a bucket of water, dilute 5 g of saltpeter or cook the infusion from the droppings of the birds in the proportion: 0. Instead of bird droppings, you can use mullein, reducing the proportion by half. Consumption - 1 liter of solution per bush.
  2. During the formation of heads, a root dressing containing potassium and phosphorus should be carried out. In 10 liters of water, mix 8 g of potassium sulfate, 5 g of double superphosphate and 4 g of carbamide.
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If necessary, if the cabbage weakly develops, it must be additionally fertilized with a mixture of potassium chloride and superphosphate in the proportion:.


The break between the top dressing should be at least 3 weeks.

Control of pests of cabbage

To protect the planting from pest attacks, it is recommended to use folk methods - they are accurate do not harm the future harvest, which means that such cabbage will be absolutely safe for consumption in food.

So, for protection from fleas and slugs young seedlings after landing should be padded ash. Caterpillars and aphids well destroy the infusion of onion husk. Fill a full liter jar of shells into a bottle and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Insist 2 days, dilute before use with 2 liters of liquid and pour in a little liquid soap for better adhesion. Spray the cabbage.

Spraying cabbage seedlings after landing in the ground - video

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