Fertilizing azofosca - an application for cucumbers

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Good afternoon everyone! My family is very fond of cucumbers. But the harvest does not always meet expectations. Therefore, we decided to feed mineral fertilizers. They say that very good is azofosca. But still I would like to know more about the fertilization of azofosca - application for cucumbers, concentration and so on. Thank you in advance!

Azofosca is considered to be one of the most popular and widespread mineral fertilizers. Its main advantage is in low cost and good balance of trace elements. The structure includes:

  • nitrogen;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium.
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All this is necessary for any plant to form a powerful root system, develop a healthy leaf cover and good fruiting. Of course, to get abundant and useful fruits, you need to know everything about fertilizing azofosca - an application for cucumbers, timeliness and quantity. This should be told in more detail.

When to feed cucumbers azof?

Specialists recommend alternating the use of mineral fertilizers with organic fertilizers. This should be taken into account to grow tasty and healthy cucumbers.

The first top dressing of Azofa should be done before the cucumber planting - about one week. The bed is simply watered with a warm solution. It is best to do this in the morning, before the sun comes into full force.

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The next top dressing should be organic. Appropriate dissolved mullein or green slurry. They should be introduced into the soil in early June.

By mid-June, you can again use azofosku. After this, it is advisable to take a break - soon the first fruits will go, and any mistake made with the use of mineral fertilizers can worsen their quality and taste. During the formation of cucumbers and harvesting is better to manage organic fertilizers.


How much azofoski to take?

On each pack of fertilizers necessarily write the optimal concentration. Experienced the same summer residents are bred one tablespoon of azofoski on a 10-liter bucket of warm water. Cucumbers need a lot of potassium. To provide the plant with the necessary microelement, a glass of wood ash can be added to the fertilizer bucket. This will ensure a good harvest.

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Azofoska is readily soluble in water without forming a precipitate. One bucket is enough for watering 10 bushes of cucumbers.

More information about the correct feeding of cucumbers for a rich harvest, you can learn from the video:

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