Why does Benjamin Ficus not grow? Looking for answers

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Of all the tribesmen, the ficus of Benjamin is considered one of the most capricious. And it is not surprising that the question: "Why does Benjamin Ficus not grow or lose its foliage?" Disturbs very many florists.

The main causes of poor plant health, causing slower growth, yellowing and foliage fall, are errors in care and improperly chosen conditions of detention.

Why does Benjamin Ficus shed leaves, and what to do in such a situation to save the plant? A native of regions with a tropical and subtropical climate, Benjamin Ficus is used to heat and high humidity.

Leaves of the figurine of Benjamin fall off due to lack and excess of light

To make the plant feel "at home actively gave shoots, and from the ficus of Benjamin leaves did not fall off, he needs a long light day, and the lighting should be bright, but scattered.

In comparison with other related species of foliage, the fig tree of Benjamin is thinner and shallower. This means that the possible causes of the diseased condition of the plant can be the scorching rays of the sun. Leading to evaporation of moisture, dehydration, leaves, and sometimes to severe burns, excess sun negatively affects the strength and growth of the ficus.

Depriving of a reserve of moisture, the leaf plates turn yellow before the term, and then crumble.

Escape shoots not only worsen the appearance of plants, but also weakens it. The smaller on the leaf crown, the slower the photosynthesis, and the ficus lacks the energy necessary for growth.

Unfortunately, a similar picture can be observed if the ficus is experiencing a deficit of the sun. Young shoots become thinner, stretch. Fresh foliage tiny, and the one that is located on the lower tiers, dries. As a result, leaves fall from the fig tree of Benjamin. The plant loses decorativeness, its strength is exhausted, and without proper care it can perish.

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That's why Benjamin Ficus does not grow if the place for him is not chosen correctly. It's quite easy to fix the situation. The main thing is to do it immediately, at the first signs of ill health of a green pet.


Under the other rules of care, it is necessary to find a place protected from the noon sun, where the flower will be lit from 10 to 14 hours a day, as the ficus will come to life. From autumn to the end of March, it is useful to arrange additional illumination in the middle band of the plant. This same measure will help maintain the beauty of the tree standing far from the window.

Taking all the measures to improve the environment, to return the former appearance of the ficus, of course, will not work. But the growth of full-fledged foliage will be resumed on new, young stems.

What if the Benjamin Ficus sheds leaves despite the correct lighting? Not less often the plant suffers for other reasons. These include:

  • deficiency of moisture or, conversely, regular waterlogging of the soil;
  • drafts;
  • excessive dryness of air in the room;
  • non-observance of the temperature regime of the content.

The state of health of the plant can be affected even by a sharp change in the situation. For example, a shock to the ficus is moving from the store to the house, if the purchase is made in the cold season.

Why leaves fall off the ficus: cold, heat and dry air

Why does Benjamin Ficus not grow when the apartment is cold? This phenomenon can be explained by the thermophilic nature of the guest from the tropics. But often the growers complain that the formation of new shoots and foliage is noticeably retarded at a temperature comfortable for the culture of 17-23 ° C.

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Obviously in this case the plant:

  • was in too dry air, which often happens when heating is running;
  • hit the zone of action of cold air from an open transom, air conditioner or balcony.

Without suffering a stay in too dry air, Benjamin Ficus sheds leaves. What to do in this case? Move the pot to where the plant will be more comfortable, and if this is not possible, you can:

  • use a household humidifier;
  • daily irrigate the crown of the ficus from a distance of 20-30 cm;
  • hold warm souls and wipe the leaves with a moist napkin.

Loss of leaves due to irrigation errors

For the ficus of Benjamin it is equally dangerous to be in a completely dry or saturated with moisture:

  1. When excessive watering, especially when kept in cool air, the plant develops root rot. Ficus loses its ability to actively eat, its leaves dry up and begin to crumble.
  2. The dryness of the soil provokes the plant to save moisture, and the ficus gets rid of "superfluous consumers that is, foliage. At the same time, the rate of growth of young shoots decreases, calling forth the legitimate question of flower growers: "Why does Benjamin Ficus not grow?"
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To the plant always pleased with bright greenery and well added in growth, between watering the soil under the ficus should dry for a couple of centimeters. The frequency of irrigation depends on the temperature and humidity of the air in the room, the size of the plant and the properties of the substrate.

Ficus Benjamin dumps leaves due to lack of nutrition

The leaves of the Benjamin ficus fall off if the plant:

  • is in a substrate poor in organic and mineral substances;
  • have not been transplanted for a long time, and the roots do not have the opportunity to get so much nutrition and moisture to meet all the needs of the overgrown crown.

An immediate measure will be the fertilizing of ornamental foliage with a liquid complex agent. And at the first opportunity, the ficus:

  • pruned, forming a more compact crown and simultaneously removing the bare and dead shoots;
  • transplanted into a loose nutrient substrate, pre-picking a suitable, larger pot.

The longer the Benjamin ficus is in inappropriate conditions, the higher the risk of finding insect pests on it.

Weakened plants are most often attacked by spider mites, thrips, scutes. When a pet is carried to the garden for the summer, aphids or larvae of flies can live on it.

To the uninvited guests did not cause the growth of the Benjamin ficus and the loss of foliage, the plant It is useful to regularly inspect and, if necessary, carry out treatment with systemic insecticides and with acaricides.

Ficus Benjamin sheds leaves - video

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