When to plant cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse?

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I have been cultivating a tomato for sale for a long time in a greenhouse. And this year I decided to expand my assortment and plant cucumbers. Seedlings were grown in pots, but not all took root during transplantation. Tell me, when is it better to plant seedlings of cucumbers in a greenhouse so that it does not disappear?

Cucumbers are big fans of heat, so to get an early harvest or, conversely, to have vegetables virtually all year round, they need to grow in a greenhouse.

Before you transfer seedlings of cucumbers to it, you must first grow it, and also prepare the very greenhouse. When growing seedlings, it is better to sow seeds directly into separate pots, because cucumbers do not tolerate the transplant process very well.

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Preparation of soil and conditions for growing seedlings

The greenhouse is recommended to be prepared from autumn. For this you need:

  1. Completely get rid of the remains of vegetation from the previous season and remove the top layer of soil (up to 5 cm in thickness), in which there may be disputes of various diseases.
  2. The remaining soil (and overlapping of the greenhouse) should be treated with copper sulfate.
    Fertilize it with fresh manure, potash and phosphoric fertilizers (25 g / 40 g / 40 g per 1 sq.m, respectively)
    Dig out.

In the event that it was not possible to prepare a greenhouse in the fall, you can do this in the spring before planting the cucumber seedlings. But in this case, instead of fresh manure, you need to use humus, and also add nitrogen fertilizers.
The ranches under the seedlings of cucumbers make 25 cm in height.
The location of the ridges depends on the size of the greenhouse and the desire of truck farmers, the main thing is to ensure that the cucumbers have unhindered access during harvesting.

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When can you plant the seedlings in a greenhouse?

Seedlings of cucumbers are planted in a greenhouse approximately at the age of one month in the presence of 4 leaflets. But it is also necessary to take into account the temperature of the soil and the greenhouse itself. Plant the seedlings only after the soil has warmed up well, and the temperature in the greenhouse will be 18 degrees Celsius.

Planting of seedlings

To prevent diseases of seedlings, before planting the holes should be poured solution of potassium permanganate, always in a warm form, and add compost.
Pots with cucumber shoots must first be lowered into a container of water. So the earth will get wet and when the seedling is seized it will not get damaged. Spread the seedlings in prepared wells, pour and cover.


To obtain a generous harvest, the cucumber seedlings should not be placed close together, so that the bushes have space for free development.

The optimal distance between seedlings should be at least 35 cm, and the row spacing is 90 cm. Since cucumbers are a curling culture, you need to immediately take care of creating a support for the bush. To do this, from the root of the cucumber bush tie a rope to the very top of the greenhouse, and 2 meters from the ground level pull a pair of ropes in the form of a grid.
2-3 days after planting the seedlings, the young bush should be tied to the support, and then twist it around the trellis as it extends. As soon as the bush reaches a height of 30 cm, it must be pinched. In the lateral weeds, remove the lower flowers and shoots to 4 leaves, and the next 4-6 to prick in a way that each one has one fruit, in the middle of the stem - 2 ovaries, and at the top - 3 cucumber.

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Video on the subtleties of planting cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse

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