Vertical flower bed from China


Sooner or later, all the owners of summer cottages begin to make their first steps in landscape design. Juicy greens, vegetables and fruits - in pursuit of the harvest, collected on your favorite "six hundred we sometimes forget about aesthetic pleasure.

Delicate crocuses and tulips, mischievous marigolds and lush peonies, juicy petunias and clematis - for the organization Flower beds may not be enough space for the site, but experienced designers advise not to give up earlier time. One of the most successful options is the creation of a vertical flower garden with the help of wall modules.

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Bright vertical flower beds will become an original decoration of the fence or any structure on the site (main house, gazebo and kitchen with an open veranda). Russian online stores offer a variety of ceramic and plastic designs.

Such an arrangement of the vertical flower garden will require a little surface preparation. Thanks to the durable material, the wall flowerbed will delight you for more than one season. If desired, the module can be taken home and decorated with a fashionable phytosten, because the manufacturer has even envisaged a watering system. A set of a frame and a module for plants will cost at least , 00 rubles.

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To create a vertical flower bed in the country house with less cost allow bags for planting flowers from felt presented on the website of Aliexpress. On a small canvas (length 100 cm, width 29 cm) there are seven pockets in which any plants are planted. The material is strong enough, it is good for water.

Buyers note the high quality of the product. There are several holes to fix the felt flowerbed on the wall or fence, but screws (nails) are not included in the kit. Plants are very convenient to water, and excess moisture absorbs the material. A flower garden with wide vertical pockets will cost about 500 rubles, with horizontal - 300 rubles.

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Long-term delivery is the only drawback, which is noted by the owners of the vertical flowerbed of felt. Waiting for the goods sometimes takes two months. In addition, the flower garden is presented only in black.

With certain skills, pendant pockets for flowers can be sewn by yourself. However, the advantages of buying a vertical flower bed on AliExpress are obvious. The quality of the product and the convenience of its use, according to customer feedback, fully justifies the declared price.

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