Dive pepper sprouts: how to do it correctly

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Tell me how to dive the pepper? Last year, I sowed seeds one by one in cups, but this season decided to grow tomatoes' home seedlings, so there is no more room for peppers. I had to put in a common pot, but now I'm afraid to break the pots.

Have you ever paid attention to the roots of pepper, that is, young seedlings? Small, unbranched, fragile and thin, they immediately say that frequent transplants are not for this culture. Unfortunately, not all gardeners have the opportunity to build a mini-greenhouse in the house, especially in the apartment, where all plants will be free, light and warm. Most often seeds are initially sown in common containers, and only then transplanted to separate pots for doraschivaniya - this procedure and called the picks and without it in such cases can not do even peppers. How to properly pick up the pepper, so as not to damage the tender plants and less to injure their root system?

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Terms of the picking

Experienced gardener argue that the most favorable time for picks is when the seedlings reach the age of 20 days. During this time, a pair of real leaves will form on the seedlings, but the roots themselves are still short and stay at the initial stage of development, so that the risk of breaking them is minimal.

Do not postpone picking until the moment when the bushes will already have 4 or more leaves. At this age, peppers are less tolerant of transplant, besides their roots are more developed and longer, which complicates the pick.

To water or not?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, it all depends on the composition of the soil in which the seeds are sown and the seedlings themselves. For example, if the land is loose, purchase, and peppers are small, it is better not to water - such a substrate in a semi-dry form is directly scattered in the hands, and seedlings with small roots are easily obtained.

Soil mixture, cooked at home with the use of garden land, is usually denser and heavier - here it should be spilled abundantly before picking to facilitate the seizure of seedlings.

Pitching step by step

So, the seedlings have grown, individual pots are filled with nutrient soil - now you can proceed to picking. For this:

  • In the middle of each container with soil make a pencil or just a finger funnel and pour a little water in there;
  • gently, taking the seedling on the stem (not behind the leaves!), get it out of the general capacity, trying not to jerk too much;
  • if the roots of a growing number of plants are intertwined, stick them gently, but do not tear;
  • insert the pepper in the hole, while the roots should be free to settle in it, and not twist;
  • fill it with earth and slightly compact it around the stem.

Deeper pepper seedling is not necessary - unlike tomatoes, it does not form additional roots from the trunk.

To stimulate the build-up of the lateral branches, the central long root can be cut. Thus, the root system turns out to be stronger and developed, which positively affects the general state of the plant and its further development.

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The best way to pick pepper is video

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