Pay attention to the chopper for garlic on Aliexpress


Garlic is a healthy vegetable that must be eaten by both adults and children. But entirely no one will eat it because of the rather acute taste and sharp odor. Therefore, garlic is usually added to food as a seasoning.

Unfortunately, many housewives do not like to cut garlic, because after it is very difficult to wash their hands. But the producers found a way out and created a special chopper for garlic.

Chopper for garlic is small. It is designed for cutting one lobule of a specific vegetable. Of course, in such a chopper you can cut and other small vegetables. But keep in mind that the cutting will be very shallow.

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Advantages of garlic chopper:

  1. Speed. Thanks to several blades chopper is able to grind a garlic clove in a matter of seconds.
  2. Compactness. A small chopper will not take up much space in the kitchen.
  3. Versatility. Chopper has two different attachments. Due to this, garlic can be cut not only with brusochki, but also with rings.
  4. Manufacturers thought out all the details. The chopper is equipped with a small bowl, which can be pulled out. It is tightly fixed and in no case will fall out.
  5. Purity. Chopper is easy to keep clean. After the garlic is sliced, the chopper must be disassembled and rinsed with water.
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Now it's time to answer the main question: how much will this universal gadget cost? In online stores in Russia and Ukraine chopper can be purchased for 390 rubles. The price, of course, is not high, but can there be other options cheaper?

Of course have! On the website of Aliexpress you can buy a chopper for garlic for only 245 rubles. The Chinese manufacturer offers chopper almost twice cheaper than domestic.

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Characteristics of Chinese garlic chopper:

  • material of the body - plastic;
  • blade material - stainless steel;
  • height - 6 cm;
  • length cm;
  • has two nozzles and a bowl for garlic;
  • Green colour.

Thus, the Chinese chopper does not differ from the domestic one. True Ukrainians will have to pay for shipping almost 78 rubles, which will reduce the difference in price. Therefore, the choice will have to be done independently. Russians are better off buying a chopper directly from a Chinese manufacturer. Thanks to such a small gadget, your hands will never be unpleasant to smell.

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