How to throw away old broom why broom requires special treatment

Irreplaceable and has a native assistant in the economy - a broom. Now that the basic functions of cleaning the apartment performs a vacuum cleaner, a broom more often used to sweep away debris, crumbs. And before that he was a prominent "figure" in the house.

How to get rid of the old broom

As broom belonged to our ancestors

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  • As broom belonged to our ancestors
  • What to do with an old broom
    • What not to do with an old broom
    • Getting rid of an old broom without negative consequences

In ancient times, the broom participated in the witchcraft ceremonies. But his ability is not just the ability to communicate with otherworldly realms.

He served and talisman against the dangers of people and their homes. It was believed that this would have to be sure to follow a few rules.

  • "Rest" from the work equipment was, standing in the corner of the pen down. Since it absorbs light energy flows. And leave the broom down could not otherwise be taken by promises of lower dark worlds. Sweeping, the lady thought she carries
    on housing gathered energy. Therefore feared stored properly to the house blew not negative. And the one who was sweeping, I would not have any trouble or worse health.
  • It was also assumed that the storage of the working part up protect from the evil the evil eye and negative energy detractors.
how to store

Reference! It was believed that those who come with bad intentions, is powerless if the broom housing costs correctly. For greater effect, throw the broom behind him who will be in the house with the negative.

  • Can use the whisk Only family members. Strangers are not allowed to touch it.
  • Our ancestors believed that if the sweeping, knock on the threshold, then in such a way You can ward off evil spirits, and even other people's houses.
  • Should sweep from the threshold to the middle of the room accumulating money being.
  • The tool also used in the education of children. If they do not differentiate between the good behavior or good grades in school, we performed a special ritual. On the threshold of property "swept away" with the baby all the bad thoughts and actions, and then they dispel prevalent in the wind.

Important! But to beat children with a broom in any case could not be otherwise, as they were confident adults, they will lose their health.

  • that protect the newborn from evil spiritsUnder his bed and put a broom.

As we see, to our ancestors this subject was special. He was considered a powerful talisman. Therefore, and we treated him in a special way. And some of the traditions and signs still persist. This applies to the disposal of old panicle.

What to do with an old broom

When purchasing a new instrument for cleaning, immediately dispose of the old! Revenge of the two can not be taken aback because all his wealth. But to throw it must be correct, otherwise you can bring trouble.

what to do with an old broom

What not to do with an old broom

It is not necessary to burn a copy of the old, or just throw it in the trash.

Legend says if you throw a broom, in the house 'inhabit disease ": Scabies, scabs, enuresis. BUT if we burn, you expect the appearance of "dirty" things: Lice, cockroaches and bedbugs. A devastating fire and block the positive energy, which he fueled you. Besides, it can happen in the family discord: Start conflicts and clarify the relationship.

Getting rid of an old broom without negative consequences

what to do

It is believed that the real owner of the broom - house. therefore If you started the move, do not leave the old broom! His need to bring in a new home. So you and your master's house will transfer to a new location, where it will continue to protect your hearth.

When the tool has come into disrepair and it is time to get rid of it, take this process very seriously. He taketh away dung, to protect the family from the evil eye and negativity. Therefore goodbye silently thanked him for his faithful service. Then pack into dark bag. Select the polyethylene, which does not shine.

Attention! It is strictly forbidden to throw the broom who served near the house.

Blow him away from his home, in a deserted place. Better even buried in the ground. All negative energy will then be sealed and not available for any adverse effects.

How to treat these signs? Seriously, like a grandmother? Or derisively as the younger generation? Reasons for special treatment you now know, and the decision to take your own!

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