Why flowing kitchen mixer swivel type: what to do if dripping single-lever mixer

Mixers, which are in the kitchen, we use much more often than their counterparts established in the bathroom. It is not surprising that the problems they bring more. Quite often they go wrong, there are leaks, and other problems. Sometimes, to solve them, you need to completely replace the entire device. If the product has sprung a leak, you can invite a plumber or on their own to fix it. If there was a desire to try to correct the problem yourself, you will need some experience in this matter. In addition, you need to stock up on everything you need and examine the device.

Reasons for leakage rotary mixer

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  • Reasons for leakage rotary mixer
  • What if dripping single-lever mixer
  • Prevention of leakage of the mixer

Leaking faucet can swivel type for several reasons. The main ones are as follows:

  1. Wear pads. It manifests the appearance of the water from under the gander. A very common situation, especially for mixers with two valves. It happens because of the frequent inclusion of water. To replace them, just need to remove the goose by removing the nut. Worn parts are replaced with new ones that can be independently and cut a piece of rubber. Putting it all back, do not make a lot of effort, because you can hurt the bottom.
    Flowing from the mixer to the pads wear.
  2. Problems with the axle box. In this situation, flowing from the valve and loosely overlaps water. To get rid of this problem, you must replace the item.Problems with the axle box.
  3. Wear hoses or O-ring. There is a leak under the sink. You need to replace worn hoses or O-ring.
  4. Marriage. Common situation, especially for goods from Chinese manufacturers. Such a mixer is not designed to operate over two years.
  5. Poor installation. If the installation was carried out in violation of the instructions, the details can be poorly tightened.
  6. misuse. Handle not often turn to the desired angle or too put pressure on the lever.

If after some time the good work the problems started for no apparent reason, then, most likely, it was formed plaque lime. To bring everything in proper condition, you need to completely disassemble the faucet and all parts clean and wash.Analysis of the mixer.

Often just acquired the crane can bring problems. This product should be immediately replaced. It is not necessary to attempt to repair, because then the warranty will be void.

What if dripping single-lever mixer

Such devices have become popular among customers. The thing in their reliability and simplicity of design. Their work is regulated by a cartridge that can be replaced if necessary.

Reference. The need for repair becomes noticeable when the water pressure from the tap decreased, and when overlapped tap water drips. Why water is blocked, and the flow there? The point is worn elements constipation.

Apparatus single-lever mixer.

This scheme can be taken as a standard inherent in most of mixers. But we should not forget the fact that many manufacturers of products can vary greatly. But everywhere there is a cartridge retaining nut that holds the lever.

Fastening hidden behind the cover plate on the housing, which has a purely decorative purpose. To remove the cartridge, you need to trim hook (can be ordinary screwdriver).

If the leak is visible on the border sink and mixer body - it is in the sealing ring. Unscrewing the housing, it is necessary to pull the ring and set another.

In fact, nothing more is needed to know to succeed on their own to fix the tap with one lever. But then again, there are significant differences in the different models. Therefore it is necessary to learn the information in the instructions that come with all the mixers.

Prevention of leakage of the mixer

Not always, after the mixer will be repaired, his work is normal. It may also happen that after the repairs will arise the question of replacing the entire device. For the device to function as long as possible, you need to follow uncomplicated rules:

  1. Set the water filter and eliminates the impurity salts. So it will be possible to get rid of debris and impurities, which are available in all of our water systems. This will allow for a long time to think about replacing the devices.
  2. Not to save and buy a quality mixer. The best material is considered to be brass, silumin worst. That it is often used by manufacturers from China and Turkey. Mixer in the kitchen.
  3. Stop the choice on the mixer with one lever. This is a high-quality and user-friendly design.
  4. When cleaning products to use compositions having the consistency of a cream or gel. To exclude various brushes or substances on the basis of alkali.
  5. Clean the mixer after each use, so that it does not remain on the traces of the cleaning agents.
  6. Every three years to carry out planned replacement of gaskets. These expenses disproportionately lower than the replacement of the entire device.
  7. Do not push with full force on the valves when to open or close the valve.

Armed with the knowledge of how to deal with the detection of leaks in a blender, you can always fix it yourself. The above procedure can be applied during many situations, even if the mixer is standing in the bathroom, not the kitchen. Before proceeding to repair, to determine the cause of the fault, and buying a new device - is not fooled by the low price. It is better to pay more, but to operate longer.

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