Construction of a wooden pergola


A wooden gazebo with a four-slope roof will be an excellent decoration of the country plot. To erect such a structure, it is necessary to excavate the pits under the base over the entire area of ​​the future gazebo at the same distance from each other. The depth of each pit is two bayonets of a shovel. They completely fill with sand, and then install foundation blocks on the sand. On the gazebo of 5X3 m, 18 foundation blocks will be needed.

After leveling under the level of the blocks in height, they are horizontally installed a wooden beam measuring 100X100 mm. The beam is laid along the perimeter of the gazebo, as well as along the transverse rows of the foundation blocks.

In order to close the gap between the ground and the beam, the foundation can be lined with plastic curbs from the outside.

As supports of the gazebo use the same bar size of 100X100 mm and height, m. Since the width of the whole construction - 5 m, the distance from the corner to the middle support is made, m. It turns out the entrance opening width, m.

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Facing the walls of the arbor

After the base of the gazebo is ready, you can proceed to the lining of the side walls. As a window sill we use a board of 40x120 cm. On the perimeter of the gazebo set the floor skirting. Then from the plinth recede 3 cm. The walls are lined with white lining. Such a gap is necessary for ventilation in the summer.

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On the inner side of the walls, diagonal beams are installed so that the board does not bend. Supports of the pergola around the perimeter are covered with a window stamp.

Upper lining and roof

At the top of the gazebo, transverse beams are installed from the board 100X40 mm. They are attached to diagonal bars, on which a longitudinal board is installed.

Next, install additional rafters, so that the roof is not deformed. The distance between the rafters is 75 cm. Before covering the roof, it is necessary to revet the inner part of the roof.

  1. For roof lining a 125 cm long board is used.
  2. The distance between the boards is 5 cm.
  3. The cladding is fixed to the metal corners.
  4. Then the top of the bar is covered with andulin.
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At the joints of the andulin fix metal corners. This method of protection will protect against leaking of the roof during heavy rain.

There are a lot of options for flooring. Inside the arbor, you can lay a chipboard, a terrace or a regular board with a width of 180 to 200 mm. At the entrance nail a metal corner. Throughout the perimeter, the gazebo is faced with a skirting board.

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