What things are best stored in the chest: the rational use of chest

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Chest of drawers - a very comfortable kind of furniture: you can install it in different rooms and will accommodate a subject of a lot of things. It is suitable for almost any style of room and comfortable fit, without taking up too much space. However, its capacity often plays a cruel joke with us. I am trying to put as many things mistress scores most of the internal space. As a result, things crumple or "lost" for a long time out of mind. That should put here in the first place to avoid this, you need to know.

What is best stored in a drawer

Things that are stored in the dresser

The content of the article

  • Things that are stored in the dresser
    • clothing
    • Underwear, tights, socks
    • linen and towels
    • Cosmetics
    • Useful things
  • How to make the best storage in the dresser
    • Spread the color
    • Top boxes - small things for women
    • What is stored in the lower drawers

Horizontal shelves suggest certain storage options.


vertical storage

Domestic container boxes requires a vertical storage system.

Important! Things should be located, if the card on file.

Thus it is possible to fold baby clothes, T-shirts, products of fine knitwear.

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If the clothes are folded properly, it will stay in place, even if it loses the support on their "neighbors". In this case, you can easily find the right shirt or return it to the place of.

Alternative - storing in a roll. Neat fold clothes perfectly placed in the chest and take up much less space, leaving a half-empty boxes. In this case, T-shirts are always straight, not crumple and do not wring.

Underwear, tights, socks

clothes in the dresser

Gently fold the socks, panties, pantyhose. Then fold them vertically as to make it possible to examine the entire range.

Important! In stores you can find a variety of boxes and special compartments to help organize the space comfortably.

linen and towels

Small towels for hands and face can be rolled up and put the rolls vertically. Other accessories are added the usual piles and stacked by category. Then you do not need to search through the entire shelf to find the desired accessory.



In this case it is better to use the optional organizers. With them the order in the drawers always will be.

Useful things

These include a variety of charging wires, pens and paper, and many more.

The main thing from time to time to inspect all stare and throw unnecessary.

Organize the space in the chest is very simple. The main thing - to leave behind all the old and unnecessary things and calculate the available free space on all important.

Additional containers or organizers for different things it is also an important part of the organization of space. Some chests suggest their presence from producer. But it is better to buy their own containers, depending on their needs.

How to make the best storage in the dresser

Several small tricks to help enjoy a spacious furnished as comfortably as possible.

Spread the color


on the organization of space experts point out that not only messy things stacked in the chest can create dissonance. Even color discrepancy can be annoying. Therefore, underwear, shirts and socks are better placed to match the color scheme. Black socks to black and white panties - to light underwear.

Top boxes - small things for women

top boxes

In our arsenal there are many details that need to be placed carefully and always have access to them. In women, there is a large amount of jewelry and jewelry, they require careful storage. For such purposes are generally designed top boxes of small size.

Council. Experts recommend purchase special organizer with a soft surface for holding in place of jewelry.

When you open the box, even a very sharp, they will remain in place and will not touch each other. Various fines and placed in small boxes or organizers, neatly arranged in boxes.

What is stored in the lower drawers

bottom drawer

The bottom drawer is best to use for storing bed linen, towels and other things that are rarely used.

There also can be folded seasonal clothes.

It is necessary to regularly review the contents of the chest, and throw out all unnecessary. So you will be able to make room for new things.

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