Why not place the keys on the table signs, feng shui and common sense

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You put the keys on the table? And the people in the know say that this is not worth! How to treat an old superstition? What happens if you dismiss them? Or is it to listen, as it did a generation before us? Let's face it.

Why can not put the keys on the table

Why People sign prohibits the keys on the table

The content of the article

  • Why People sign prohibits the keys on the table
    • As explained in the tradition of the past,
  • How to explain the ban on feng shui experts
  • Superstition or common sense: how to relate to accept today?

Our ancestors believed in the sanctity of certain things and intended only for them. After all, if the house is a mess and things scattered anywhere, everything goes topsy-turvy, finance funneling literally out of hand. And there is discord in the family, come other troubles.

Man everywhere accompany the ancient traditions and superstitions. One such superstition is the inability to store the keys on the table. The fact is that For many centuries the table keys and embodied in the life of a person important aspects.

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Reference. Keys - a symbol of protection, and a table of old used the symbolism of the other world. When combined, they bring to life the dissonance.

To verify this, you can put a bunch of very briefly on the surface of the furniture and watch the changes in their own lives.

As explained in the tradition of the past,

As explained the reason in the past,

Location Kleczew is one of the beliefs that our ancestors were very much appreciated and respected. And there are several explanations:

  • The table in the old days was considered the guide to the underworld. And the keys - it is always a symbol of prosperity and opportunity. Putting their furniture, we give dark forces an opportunity to sneak into our lives and make negative adjustments.
  • Keys are considered a symbol of wealth. They open doors and give enrichment. Carelessly thrown, they create the possibility of well-being literally leak out of the house.
  • In addition, the keys - it is a symbol of family and reunification. If a person every day throws them carelessly and not respecting the traditions, in the house will have constant quarrels and discord.

Important! Not only the keys can not be left on the table. Dirty dishes, trash and other things contribute to the leakage of financial benefits and discord in the relationship with home.

Folk omens are not simply invented by the ancestors of suspiciousness. It is the experience of generations, which has accumulated over the years and are organized into specific rules. Do not neglect them. After all, then it is possible to achieve harmony in the family and feel secured and safe.

How to explain the ban on feng shui experts

explanation of Feng Shui

Experts in the field also fengshui consider a table symbol of wealth and well-being of the family. For him to properly care for and keep clean. It is not allowed to leave garbage and dirt on the surface, to leave things here or interior.

Reference. The doctrine should not be left on the table stabbing and sharp objects.

These, of course, can be attributed, and a bunch of keys. The ancient science believes that this will lead to constant quarrels and misunderstandings between the native people.

According to the teachings of feng shui, the table should be placed in the center of the room. Then all the inhabitants will be able to meet him and discuss pressing issues. Or just have a good time in the company of native people and become closer to each other. This piece of furniture has a certain magical significance. Therefore omen should not be neglected.

Superstition or common sense: how to relate to accept today?


As of today, people do not belong to the signs as seriously as in the past. And at the same time often fear of negative consequences.

Keys to the usual furniture still better to remove. Let's try to look at the situation soberly. As we have said, the table - a place where the whole family. Foreign objects, casually abandoned here, result in discord, may inadvertently cause irritation.

In terms of cleanliness and order and do not leave a bunch of keys on the table. If only because they are dirty and the table - this place is eating. It should be clean and nezahlamlonnym.

Agree, if you buy a beautiful housekeeper and make a habit every night to hang a bunch of keys on a hook, you can forget about the objects scattered on the table. In addition, the keys will always be in place and do not need to be painful to look in the morning.

Keeping order in his apartment, the person leads a quiet and decent life with clear rules. Remove the keys on the spot is not difficult, but it is useful for the tranquility of the entire family.

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