Sofa in the kitchen: selection rules, designer tips, photo

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The kitchen area should be not only functional, but also comfortable. If you put the sofa in the kitchen, then this room will be cozy and comfortable. Here you can accommodate guests or members of your family. To prevent the room from looking too crowded, you need to choose the right furniture.

Kitchen sofa

Straight sofas

The range of furniture products is constantly expanding, so buyers think for a long time before buying furniture attributes. When choosing a mini sofa for the kitchen, you need to take into account the shape of the kitchen set. For a small space, it is worth purchasing a compact product to order.

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The straight pull-out design is suitable for a spacious room. If you put such a model in a small kitchenette, then it will take up a lot of space. The inner box of the box is used for storing things. The built-in system works by means of a roller mechanism. With a simple movement of your hand, you can create a cozy bed. Mechanisms of such models as "Eurobook", "Relax", "Click-Clack" are suitable for frequent use.

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Gray sofa in the kitchen

Corner sofas

In small rooms, bulky attributes clutter up the space too much. If you put small corner sofas in the kitchen, you can save square meters. In this case, the length must be chosen small.

To sometimes use a soft corner for sleeping, you should choose a folding design. This option can perfectly complement the interior and highlight the beauty of the room.

A canapé in the corner does not take up much space and can accommodate many people. Before purchasing this product, you should first measure the walls of the room in which it will be placed.

Corner sofa

As a sleeping place

Modern kitchen sofas for a small kitchen can be used for gatherings with guests. If you choose transforming models, then guests can be left to spend the night. Transformers are equipped with different mechanisms.

  • If buyers are interested in a place to sleep, then Dolphin is ideal for them. Traditional corner kitchen sofas have a similar system. This model can fit in a small room. A high-quality and reliable product must work on closers springs.
  • The room will be elegant if you place a "French folding bed" in it. She usually has a beautiful, elegant back. When unfolded, the backrest remains in place. It makes a comfortable bed. Guests and household members will be happy to sleep on it.
  • For permanent use of a sleeping place, it is better to purchase "Eurobook". Similar models are presented in stores in Moscow or another city: "Tick-tock", "Click-clack". They are reliable and durable.

It is better to purchase the Eurobook transformer, which is sliding on profiles, and not on rollers. With such a mechanism, the product will last longer.

  • The "Accordion" construction looks good in the dining room. It unfolds easily, but does not fit in a small room.
  • A straight sofa for the kitchen can also be used as a bed, if its length will correspond to a person's height.

Kitchen sofa with sleeping berth

Materials and upholstery - what to look for in the store

If the sofa in the kitchen is made of natural wood, the owners will be able to enjoy its convenience for a long time. As a budget option, a frame made of laminated chipboard is suitable. Only this option is not as durable as the first one.

The upholstery should be beautiful and practical. If the buyer is not afraid of the high price, then it is best for him to pay attention to natural leather. It does not require any special maintenance and always remains stain-free. When choosing a model from high-quality leatherette, you can also get an inexpensive, practical and durable product.

Often, when drawing up a design project, designers choose fabric upholstery made of flock, polyester, chenille, jacard or cotton. These fabrics fit the frame perfectly and look great.

Advice! Oily fumes from cooking can contaminate fabric upholstery. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to pre-install the hood above the stove. Then no odors will be absorbed into the material.

Where is the best place to put

You can look through many different photos of sofas in the kitchen and not find the option you need. This happens when buyers have not decided in advance on the location of their purchase.

The sofa goes well with the dining table. In addition, it is more comfortable to sit on it than on a chair. If you put the eurobook against the wall or window, you get a great place to relax.

If you place the sofa in the middle of a spacious dining room, then in one part of the room you can make a kitchen area, and in the other - a dining room or living room.

Difficulties with the arrangement of furniture items arise due to the small area of ​​housing. It is necessary to measure all dimensions in advance so that the item you like fits inside the room.

Sofa for a small kitchen

Often, small sofas for the kitchen perfectly replace chairs and armchairs. By fulfilling their functional purpose, they save free space. You should choose them for a small room according to the following rules:

  1. A small-sized Khrushchev can accommodate many interior items if you force all the corners with them. Only after that there are no free corners left for placing corner structures. Therefore, it is more profitable for such apartments to purchase small sofas for the kitchen.
  2. Near the window, the eurobook will look original and harmonize with other products.
  3. Pillows and armrests visually clutter up the space, so they should be left for large areas.
  4. The sheathing material should be the same color as the walls or curtains. This must be taken into account to visually expand the space.

Furniture products are purchased for many years, so you should not rush to make a choice right away. You need to think carefully about all the sides, so that you can enjoy their exploitation later. If you seriously approach the choice of interior items, then there is a suitable solution for any room.

Photo: sofas in the interior of the kitchen 

sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen
sofa in the kitchen



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