Install mixer on acrylic bathtub: assembly sequence

On the twenty-first century. Mankind was visited at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, kind of like the moon walk, even on Mars sent their devices. But the bathroom and the dressing room to build really have not learned.

No matter how modern technologies and tools we had neither, but as a close look at the bathroom closet, so once a gloom covers that even howl at the moon. If the private bathroom leads daily "battles" for every inch of space, some problems can be resolved if a mixer equipped with a bath rim.

Not so long ago appeared knowhow has many positive points, however - as many disadvantages. But first things first.

Features of the mixer installed on the bath board

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The fact that this mixer saves space in the bathroom, not only what he boasts. When it is almost above the bowl turns avoid splashing water on the wall, and thus the appearance of stains on them. Hence, the reduction of cleaning time.

This type of mixer has high productivity. This can be seen to reduce the time it takes out to fill the bath. Of course, in financial terms it promises some benefit. Judge for yourself - tub filled faster, therefore, the water will not cool down so quickly and do not need to spend money on it extra heating.

Design stylish faucets and design themselves a lot of options. Who can put yourself model of the cascade type. Its elements are separate, allowing them to spread apart. The control panel can be installed at the head. Sam Crane in the central portion of the edge, watering the soul - in the corner.Kakskadny mixer.

Shower head is usually attached directly to the rim, and the hose is hidden in the space between the wall and the bead bath. Sometimes set for this bezel.

Of course, the look of the room is transformed. Additional point - reduced noise level.

Naturally, it is impossible to do without a certain amount of "tar" in the "ointment". It is only in the advertising of manufacturers all smooth and rosy. And for those who want to install a mixer on its own, will have to think about how to solve some problems.

Attention! When buying you should not choose the model, focusing on low cost. Operation of this device has certain features which it is subjected to very heavy wear. Accordingly, inexpensive and, therefore, low-quality mixer quickly fail.

Most often fails shower hose. The fact that it is a long time them collapsed. Accordingly, highly susceptible to deformation. Over time it becomes visible cracks through which water trickles. Even the models that can be safely put into the category of luxury, there is a the bath shower mixer with mortise.

This situation will have to be taken for granted, and to put up with it. That is why more experienced people at once take a few spare hose to hold a replacement quickly if need be. Most often, this exposed model, which spout and showerhead are merged into a single entity.

Home "diy", should know that this option is the easiest way to install the faucet, if the bath is made of acrylic. If you do the installation on the tub model, made of cast iron or steel, there is a high probability that there will be a violation of the integrity of the enamel, and it always leads to rust. Accordingly, the need to repair it, and what is worse - complete replacement.

If the experience in the sanitary fact not particularly large, it is easier and more reliable will invite specialist. Alternative option - the purchase of a bath with tap hole factory. But only a bath of acrylic come in this form.

Design plunge mixer

Usually this type of mixer has a modular design, however, are monobloc and availability. Before starting installation work, it is desirable to read the instructions, understand the structure device, as well as get acquainted with the advice and recommendations of the manufacturer, how to install and how to use in further. Details for bath mixer.

Mixer monobloc type - one-piece design, which is easy to install and everything. Modular model - a set of individual elements. The first place is given to the crane. This is the main part of the product. The valve body is equipped with three outputs:

  • under cold water;
  • under hot water;
  • for spout.Three tap outputs.

a special place is allocated to the watering can. All inputs are standard size, so there is no hard limit to which to connect the spout, and where - a watering can shower. In order to connect the pipe cold and hot water, need eccentric half an inch.Eccentrics.

Renowned manufacturers make their products are so high quality that they are able to withstand strong enough hammering.

Installation sequence on acrylic bathtub mixer

Install faucet we in several stages. Everything is done in a certain order:

  1. We mark up the place where we will put the mixer.
  2. Drill a hole of required diameter.
  3. Mount faucet.
  4. Fix it.
  5. If necessary, put the other modular elements.
  6. Is supplied to the water supply.

Like everything is simple and logical. But it is in words. In fact, it does not always work. There are quite a few tricky things you need to consider before to mount something, and it's quite possible that long before the purchase of the mixer.bath device.


Preparing for installation, we go through three stages:

  • buy desired mixer;
  • harvests tools and materials;
  • We define a space for installation.

Reference. The stores are so many different versions of such mixers. But there are some requirements that you need to perform. And the first - not to purchase cheap equipment.

The product is of low quality will soon need to be changed. To put it a bit more to pay. As you know, avaricious... Exactly. Why pay twice when you can just once. And you need to buy a mixer from those producers who have already managed to show good work.

You should carefully review the documentation for the product, read the manufacturer's advice, read the warranty. If you need to reduce the financial costs for buying, it is best to take a mixer with a simple design, but with a high quality parts.

With consumable materials similar situation. Better to pay more, but do not lose in quality.

From the materials and tools you need to prepare:

  • electric drill;
  • Drill-crown;
  • screwdriver;
  • set of fasteners;
  • liner for water;
  • adjustable wrench.

Usually goes together with a mixer and a set of fasteners. But this is not true in every case. The diameter of the drill-bit must be the same as the diameter of the device. If your tub is already provided holes, no drills and drill bits do not need at all.

Reference. Flexible hoses liner completely replaced by PVC pipes. Despite the fact that their installation is more complex, but they are operated for a longer time.

As a rule, put the mixer in the middle of the board, in its end, or at the corner of acrylic baths. Thinking about where the device will be, remember that some of the elements you want to hide. Take, for example, a hose from the shower. In order to be able to hide it, you need some space. Sometimes you want to do a separate bezel.

An important factor - access to communications. Yes, they have long hidden from view, but... They also need to be inspected periodically, carry out preventive work. It is necessary to organize everything so that nothing prevented access to them.

If you do bezel, that makes it removable. You can provide revision hatches or decorative screen for the bathroom.


First of all, we mark up our bath. Rather, the place where we assume to install the faucet. Just take a marker or any other means, which is visible on the surface, but simply rubbed. Now drill a hole as possible. We put our drill-crown in the electric drill and make holes according to the markings.

After all drilled, edges holes treat sandpaper. This will remove all burrs, roughness and diameter to do the same.

With the help of the gasket is installed in the prepared hole mixer. The gasket is placed between the device itself and the surface of the bath. Gasket not only absorbs the mixer, but also makes it more dense planting. If supplied mixer no spacers, it is possible to either buy or make yourself.

Next we fix mixer rim. To do this, the set includes fasteners. Or nuts, or pins that need to be put together with pressure polushaybami.Box mixer in the bath.

Then assemble the remaining elements. Spout spout, shower heads and controls. The details may differ from product to product, so you can learn in more detail in the user manual. After the installation is completed, the mixer is necessary to bring water.

Typically, for supplying water to the mixer taken flexible liner, which has a threaded connection. On the thread without fail we wind seal. If you do not, the water will flow in such places. The seal should not be too much.

But when it is extremely small - it is not very good as a decent seal will not. Understand, when the seal is sufficient, it is possible in a simple manner. If the fingers are almost no longer feel the threads, then it's time to stop.

It is quite normal that the seal will be a little peek out from under the nut when it is tightened. Wind the seal should not be in a clockwise direction and against it. Then he will not be unwound.

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