Physical concepts and devices

Physico-chemical characteristics of the upper layers of the earth, where currents of electrical installations flow, affect the state of underground metal structures. When designing and installing parts of pipelines and ground electrodes, knowledge of the electrical conductivity of the soil is required. Important is the indicator of resistivity of the soil. This parameter determines the level of corrosion hazard for buried metal products.

Soldering materials when working with electronics is a common thing. Learning to solder is easy, and with experience, skill will only grow. But the tool requires quality service in order for it to work flawlessly. The master needs to be able to properly tin the soldering iron tip so that the solder is held on it, while the tip cannot be damaged.

In single-phase mode, the voltage value should be 220 volts, and in three-phase mode - 380 volts. But in reality, these numbers are almost never found. Therefore, by checking the voltage value in the outlet, you can visually verify the existence of phase imbalance. In order to bring the voltage value closer to the standard values, it is necessary to understand what is meant by the phrase “phase imbalance”, its causes and possible solutions.

Electricity can be described as energy flowing through a closed electrical circuit. For its existence, a conductor is required in which the electric field must be supported by a source of electricity. Most car models in their design provide for a thousand or more circuits that are independent of each other. This is one of many examples of how electricity affects a person’s life.

Situations when due to the lack of capacity of city electric networks it is necessary to limit it at some facilities are quite common. This problem can be solved using a power limiter. As soon as the set parameters are exceeded, the device disconnects the consumer from the network. This device also allows you to protect wiring from unauthorized connections.

The discovery of current marked the beginning of a new era in the development of mankind. It is impossible to imagine the comfortable existence of a modern person without energy. But a new type of energy is a reliable servant only in cases of complete vigilance. In order to avoid negative consequences, the following safety measures are used: protective grounding, grounding and automatic systems for de-energizing networks.

Electrical appliances are present in every home today. Ease of use and service life directly depends on the voltage supplied. Often in household networks, jumps occur, due to which modern electronics fail. Special devices, such as overvoltage protection relays, residual current device and others, will help protect it from breakdowns.

Electrical appliances surround people today at every turn. Sometimes they break at the most inopportune moment. Moreover, the cause of the breakdown may be the most insignificant and the only problem in its elimination is the search for the place of malfunction. To learn how to find it, just watch the video for dummies on how to use the multimeter. A simple device can facilitate the work of not only experienced electricians, but also beginner crazy masters.

Electrical injuries happen in everyday life and in production quite often, because people are surrounded by a large number of devices. In order to avoid electric shock, it is necessary to know as much as possible what an electrical injury is, why it occurs and what safety rules exist when working with various devices.

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