Illnesses of begonias, their treatment

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I have a small collection of begonias of different varieties. I look after him well, but recently I began to notice the dried leaves on the bushes. Tell me, what are the diseases of begonias and how to treat them?

The begonia beggar has a not too capricious character. If you follow the recommendations for plant care, it will please the eye with a bright green mass and repeated flowering. However, due to various circumstances, it sometimes happens that the general state of the flower suddenly begins to deteriorate.

Determine the nature of the disease of begonia and begin its adequate treatment will help the appearance of the leaves of the plant. The most common diseases begonias include:

  • powdery mildew;
  • gray rot;
  • vascular bacteriosis;
  • scab.
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Powdery mildew

A sign of the disease are round brown spots on the leaves with a white coating. The area of ​​the lesion rapidly expands into the entire leaf. The reason for the occurrence of powdery mildew is too much temperature and a low level of humidity in the room, where there is a pot.

Affected begonia should be separated from other plants.

If specks only appeared, the leaves are sprayed with Phytosporin-M or Alirin-B. In the case when the beginning of the disease is lost and all leaves are affected, it is necessary to carry out treatment with Topaz or Strobin.

Gray rot

Increased humidity and frequent watering lead to disease with gray rot. At the initial stage, the leaves are covered with gray spots, sticky to the touch. Gradually, the stain expands and leads to rotting of the leaf, as well as the stem itself.

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To save the plant, the pot is transferred to another location or the humidity in the room is regulated. Sick leaves remove, and the remaining spray,% solution of Euparen or Fundazol.


Vascular bacteriosis

The edges of the leaves begin to turn yellow and gradually turn brown. The central part of the leaf remains green, but the vessels themselves turn black. It is necessary to cut off diseased leaves, and the remaining ones should be treated with fungicides.


At the initial stage it manifests as a sticky coating. Over time, small brown growths form on the leaves, which can be removed without damaging the leaf itself. The patient begonia should be treated with an insecticide (Aktar).

Diseases that can not be cured

With timely detection of damage, begonia can be reanimated with the help of special preparations. However, there are diseases, the presence of which puts a deadly diagnosis of begonia:

  1. Ring spot. Passed by pests and is characterized by the appearance on the leaves of yellow spots and dead areas.
  2. Bacterial spotting. On the reverse side of the leaf, watery little specks appear, which eventually darkens and completely infects the entire flower, including the inflorescence.
  3. Leaf nematode. The edge of the leaf first fades, retaining a green color, and then gradually withers. The completely dry leaf is covered with brown spots. The disease is transmitted to the flower through the soil as a result of low temperature with high humidity.
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In these cases, begonia is subject to immediate destruction, so that the disease is not transmitted to other plants.

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