Nozzle diffuser for a hair dryer

Nozzle diffuser for a hair dryer known to representatives of the female sex, to avoid the use of a comb, a brush while drying hair. The disadvantage is simple: hard to comply with hygiene requirements, which read: equipment in contact with the body, is applied in a strictly individual basis. Everyone has seen the gizmo. It resembles a plastic fungus, studded with spikes and flat cap. Through multiple holes hollow device through the air. The tips of the spikes punched.

Varieties diffuser nozzles

Sometimes hat is not flat, concave, bowl turns depth defined structure. Range area, the number of spikes, diameter of holes, the location of the outlet openings. It plays an important role on a par with the material firms have been slow to disclose the know-how, most of the developments overseas, there is no one to translate into Russian research reports.

The spikes form part of a cup made of hard plastic elements inserted silicone. In the latter case, flexibility would allow to get out, stuck to the hair device. Fringe perimeter of the bowl occasionally made general, umeschayas annular row of small holes. Sometimes the opposite pedestal with spikes brought forward, edging recessed (Super Volume). diffuser shaped like a bell, little resembling a mushroom.

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Hair dryer with a diffuser

We believe, based on the construction of the model is a mathematical modeling, it operates with the laws of aerodynamics, medicine. air outlet temperature is not too high, flow sputtering, on the contrary, the maximum obtained.

Spikes sometimes long, like bear claws pierce through his hair. Excellent create volume. We say that each woman has selected desired. Since the sale of nozzle diffusers to find a hair dryer, fitted with short spines, looking appropriately, if the hair is sparse. Note, selecting hair for hair. If the spikes are too long, drying is inefficient with short hair. Do not bring the device too close, we take a diffuser to simultaneously combing, blow dry your hair.

Rate teeth spaced frequencies. Different model entirely studded, head just will not pass through the thick hair. Those who have thin hair, confused, model contraindicated. For healthy and strong hair. In contrast, the thick short spikes will not crash into the hair, but do not pull up the roots follicles. Please note, it is easier to comb wet hair, even if after sleeping a little confused. It is important to choose the right location of the teeth, allowing to straighten hair, give a respectable appearance.

nozzle diffuser

Diffuser for hairdryers selected according their own needs, the structure of hair. Someone does not use a nozzle in general, any other contrary prefer to give hair volume, avoiding open care products. Also important diameter of the diffuser. There are models crossbar 15.3 cm, covering the head once. Clearly, with such a device is a hair-drying faster. It has similar dimensions Hair Diffusor ChenFeng. No hair dryer - diffuser. One nozzle. Allowed to use the device without a diffuser, home-grown solutions. The manufacturer writes: professional device.

By the way, the nozzle diffuser for a hair dryer you can buy separately. Silicone HYG0306 model designed for a standard rim size of 5 cm. If the hair dryer at home without the diffuser nozzle, suitable size, avoid buying second, buy a professional nozzle separately. adaptation cost is 400 rubles, giving money, we get 192 grams of this unique person, suitable to all types of hair, hairstyles.

Curious looks silicone-speed model. A cross between the Egyptian pyramids (only round), plunger (only with steps). But the wonder sum to a value one stage, easily fits bag. We do not know who besides China could produce a miracle, give the name of the Folding Hairdressing Silicone Curly Hair Blow Dryer Diffuser SKU071001. For rubles is worth 273 units of the device.

The diffuser made of a material dryer canisters smartphones. Silicone bends, takes a new form. Probably should apologize for the long name, the store is unprofitable to disclose the manufacturer. This product posted on Bang Good, there is a Russian site domain.

Appears on its face the Chinese model (store sells China). Please note, the model put on the outside of the dryer. The inner diameter of 5.5 cm, the material is easily stretched. Hairdryer smaller diffuser in four longitudinal bench to prevent slipping.

Diffuser - hair styling device

Blow-dry with a diffuser of the type described helps to straighten hair, curls. He mentioned, for short haircuts rare spikes, short length. However, straightening is not the only option that can be obtained. The townsfolk used to, curling is spinning hairdryers: round Brasov, stylers. 2011 joined the Youtube excellent video signed "professional hair dryer with a diffuser," captures a curious design. The author has tried to remain incognito - known manufacturer of the device mark.

Diffuser for hairdryers

A device for curling hair. The principle of operation resembles a vacuum cleaner cyclone type. There is a nozzle of a plastic pipe dryer, running perpendicular to the output stream. The jet enters inside along one wall. Two holes as through-pipe:

  • lower;
  • top.

Inside a vortex is formed, bifurcated, outputting flow through both ends. Put inside the lock of hair, whirling jet curls curl easily. Of course, we are prepared to wet hair. The result is a painless, not a tedious way of curling that hard yourself. Master, seeing my head fully, pull the task without problems. Groping can act, it will be difficult to sustain uniformity.

wide, pipe transmits light when viewed through two mirrors, you can perform the procedure. Simultaneously, drying in cruise mode. Escape guile, desperate to find the device in the sale, the next time will see a T-shaped attachment on the hair dryer, you know: a device for stacking curls of hair, sometimes referred to as a diffuser.

How to use a diffuser

Explain the rules to use the hair dryer diffuser:

Hair dryer with a nozzle for drying

  • Simply put curls. Just divide into strands, each to dry from the top. Apply a spray, styling mousse, the result is fixed with varnish. Before the procedure, wet hair, wash the head. When the warm air stream will act at the roots, in the area of ​​hair growth are vertical, giving splendor. Of course, the morning will be repeated again, because the pillow at night will erase effort. Spikes diffuser are on top hairstyle, combing hair.
  • Short bob easier to give volume: causing styling, start with your fingers to push hair, helping a hairdryer, a jet of which is directed upwards. You can use the tool to get wavy hair Bohemian Beach Spray. Diffuser lifts the hair from the bottom, giving volume. The result can be secured with varnish.
  • Hair straightening takes place in another way, the movement clearly expressed in the downward direction. Spikes tightly cut into the hair, hair moves, overcoming the resistance of the meager forces of friction. Pay attention, if the hair is dried yourself after lying close to the head. If you buy a hair dryer with a diffuser will attach hair volume, at the same time straighten curls.

Balm rinse hair pack will allow maximum easy. Hair dryer with a diffuser is easy to fix the curls, if process hairstyle like. Locks are easy to comb, it is lie! The hair becomes less brittle, important for colored treated hair chemistry. Secure result varnish sleep recommend special grid (using porcelain pillow) shy.

Diffuser for hairdryers universal fit any device. Standardizes sizes. We mentioned above, to re-focus attention. Some models dress on top, others are inserted inside. It is worth to note holders fen deprived diffuser.

On sale will find sloping model. Part of the power is lost by turning the flow tube, drying is slower. Useful problem hair, sold, for example, Parlux. Do not expect too much from the device. Rotate 90 degrees reduces efficiency of 10%, here angle less. Beveled diffuser probably more convenient to use. But perhaps, readers will want to try. Describe in comments sure to experience. Your success!

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