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Before growing a cypress in your home, you should know the characteristics of this plant. Only having such information can get a healthy and incredibly beautiful tree, which will please owners for many years.

Description of cypress

It is a unique culture that can purify the air better than others. By isolating a large number of phytoncides, cypress kills bacteria and viruses. Thanks to such abilities, the plant is often grown in living rooms.

Cypress grows in the form of a bush or tree. This plant forms a sprawling crown, but more often it has the shape of a pyramid. In young evergreen specimens, leaflets in the form of needles are small. With age, they densely bend to the branches, are covered with small scales. Since this is a representative of monoecious plants, there are female and male cones on one specimen. They mature only in the second year, forming small seeds attached to the underside of the "wings" of cones.

The homeland of cypresses is the territory of tropics and subtropics. But there are also frost-resistant varieties. At home, a large plant variant of the plant is bred.

Cypress is mentioned even in the Bible. This is one of the trees that adorned the paradise gardens. Christians consider cypress to be a symbol of eternal life.

In stores selling indoor flowers, you can often find a variety of Goldcres. It has yellowish needles with a golden hue. A neat compact tree does not take up much space and is suitable even for small flats or office spaces. With proper care, it will help create a corner of the Garden of Eden anywhere.

Room cypress is very useful for its essential oils. Due to the specific smell, this plant is able to scare away various insects. The oil is extracted from cones by distillation. With it, you can cure many diseases. Also, oil is an excellent preventive.

Properties of Cypress Oil:

  • copes with unpleasant odors;
  • eliminates inflammation, heals wounds;
  • has a calming effect;
  • is a good tonic;
  • stops blood and heals cuts;
  • relieves headaches.
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Also, the cypress oil levels the hormonal background. It helps to cope with colds, viruses, cures bleeding gums. Cypress oil is an excellent cosmetic. It eliminates dandruff, helps oily and problematic skin, relieves rashes.

Care of the plant at home

This plant is not so whimsical, to deliver a lot of trouble to its owners. But despite this, there are certain rules of home care for a room cypress, which is important to know and comply with.

Nutritious primer with high air permeability

Home sapling quickly adds to growth, so it is important for it to provide enough minerals and organic substances. The soil for the cypress should not be dense. This can lead to the accumulation of large amounts of water. Excess liquid often causes rotting of the roots, which is dangerous for the plant.

Before you take care of the cypress in the pot, you should carefully study the information about it.

Good lighting is the guarantee of cypress health

The plant likes bright sunlight. Otherwise, his foliage will begin to turn yellow and crumble. Pritenyayut cypress trees only in the hot summer. In the warm period of the year it is taken to fresh air for sunbathing, and in winter, additional illumination is provided with the help of lamps.

Accurate watering and no overflow

In summer it is necessary to maintain a moderate moisture in the pot, in winter the soil in it should be drier. When overflowing, the roots of cypress are quickly damaged by rot. The evergreen plant responds well to frequent spraying, especially in hot summer.

A cool environment is the best option. Coniferous plants do not really like high temperatures. Cypress is no exception. The most suitable for him is a room with 8-10 degrees. Such conditions are difficult to create in an apartment both in winter and in summer. The only way to help the cypress is to spray it more often and regularly ventilate the room.


When growing a cypress house, one should not forget about its feeding. Regular application of complex fertilizers will provide the plant a healthy appearance and strengthen immunity.

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Care of the room lemon cypress includes the transplant. This procedure should be carried out in the spring. If you wish to suspend the growth of a tree, then when transplanting a little cut the tree roots.

How to grow cypress from seeds?

Before growing cypress from seeds, you should know some rules, namely when it is better to sow grains. The optimal period is April-May. This can be purchased in the store seeds or independently assembled from ripe cones.

For this, it is necessary to prepare the mixture in such proportions:

  • land with leaves - 2 parts;
  • peat mixture - 1 part;
  • turf - 1 part;
  • sand - 1 part.

Before planting the seeds of cypress, you need to prepare potted soil pots. Then the substrate is slightly poured and compacted. On top of the planting material, cover it with a layer of earth up to 1 cm high. The upper soil ball is sprayed from the spray gun. Pots are removed to the greenhouse. After a couple of weeks, shoots should appear.

During the transplantation of sprouts in permanent pots, a long-term complex fertilizer will yield good results. It is designed for two years and will provide a complete top dressing of the cypress during all this time.

Mini-greenhouse should be periodically opened, as seedlings grow up, it should be done more often. Over time, the greenhouse is cleaned. When growing cypress from seeds at home, you need to monitor the moisture content of the soil, but do not transfuse plants.

When the sprouts reach five centimeters in height, they are transplanted into separate containers:

  1. For these purposes, fit a large half-liter plastic cups.
  2. In the bottom of the glass, make a hole and pour a layer of expanded clay for drainage.
  3. For planting use the same soil as for germination of seeds, but add more sand (two parts).
  4. Each month the plants need to be watered with fertilizers, and after a year they can be transplanted into pots.

To grow cypresses, it is preferable to use narrow and high pots with a good layer of drainage from the expanded clay on the bottom.

The first week after transplanting the tree is better to hold in diffuse light, and then put it in a fairly bright place. North and east windows are good for coniferous plants. If the balcony is glazed, and the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees, in winter you can keep the cypress on the loggia. The first fruits on the tree appear at the age of five.

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Reproduction of cypress by cuttings

For this method of reproduction of cypress at home, April or the end of June will do. First, choose a healthy mother tree. Cuttings must be taken from the upper part, from branches that are not more than three years old. The shoots chosen for propagation are not cut off, but are broken off by a sharp rapid movement. At the same time a piece of bark should remain at the base. The height of the cut should not exceed 20 centimeters.

Reproduction of cypress by cuttings is the most effective method.

Methods of rooting cypress:

  1. Needles on the bottom are removed. Twigs are kept in the growth stimulator for about a day.
  2. Planted in pre-prepared boxes. They fill with sand, which is disinfected with a 3% solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. Capacity should have a fairly large number of drainage holes. Put it on the pedestal (legs), so that there is free air access to the bottom.
  4. The branches do not deepen deeply, only 2-4 cm, covered with a film or placed in a greenhouse.
  5. The optimum temperature for the formation of roots in Cypress cuttings is about 20 degrees. At lower values, the film is required. If the air temperature exceeds 20 degrees, then it will be enough to cover the twigs of gauze.
  6. Twice a day, the cuttings are sprayed. At the same time, irrigation is not carried out as such.
  7. Cuttings under the film, jars or plastic bottles are periodically ventilated.

When the branches have good roots 10 cm long, they can be transplanted. It is better to use weakly acidic soil with the addition of peat. After two or three years, the trees are planted in their permanent place.

Indoor or outdoor cypress is a real decoration. With the correct planting and care at home, the decorative tree will delight its owners and cleanse air in the apartment, and slender green pyramids of large varieties will help create alleys or a hedge near a suburban at home.

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