Which mixer bowl is better to buy

Mixers with a bowl often called stationary. Buyer understands all by name. The difference in the type of home. Firstly, in a stationary mixer blade moves on a planetary basis, it is in orbit and rotate. Second, the ability to use nozzles that are not related to mixing. The device turns into a food processor. People think: a mixer bowl is better to buy.

Stationary mixer from Kitchen aid

Stationary mixer from Kitchen aid

Planetary Mixer Kitchen aid

Since 1919, household appliances Kitchen aid conquer the hearts of cooks. Order equipment directly from the manufacturer in the United States. The main thing is sure - the plug is suitable for the Russian outlets, the power supply voltage corresponding to - the American standards are different.

Rumor has it - the idea of ​​planetary motion of the blade belongs to the company Kitchen aid. Making the right choice - we buy a planetary mixer with a bowl at the founding father. And this is exactly Kitchen aid. Look at the pros mixer.

  1. In Kitchen aid is traditionally the metal bowl. Used stainless steel or something resembling silumin (aluminum alloy and silicon). Commercials even report - present "enamel" coating, which in appearance can not be said. When buying, look at the cup carefully. From the materials we recommend to take the long-proven stainless steel. The volume of the cup is large, for example, from Artisan advertised parameter is 4.8 liters. It is unclear, called the figure - the highest level of the mixer bowl, or the total volume capacity. If the fact is important when buying, check. Interest is checked according to the synthesis and formulation of the needs of families, countable number of mouths to feed, sex, age and appetite.
    Nozzles for mixer

    Nozzles for mixer

  2. Like any good mixer, Kitchen aid complement a bunch of attachments: a hook for a tight test frame with a pair of extensions for grinding vegetables and mixing the batter, whisk for whipping. A lot of videos on YouTube demonstrating the use of accessories. We recommend: buying, check whether the attached complete book or a DVD with educational materials. One thing to look cheerful clip where not even reflected the actual level of noise device operation and playing cheerful music, otherwise - to stay with this miracle of technology and endure the hardships of the life of the kitchen.
  3. Engine power mixer Kitchen aid is 1.3 horsepower. Hint: a powerful unit, the unit of measurement is akin to the consumption of traction vehicles. We had to thumb through the catalog Yandex-market, say with certainty: in the category of more than 1,000 watts of these mixers were not. According to information from the world famous encyclopedia, one horsepower is 740 watts. When multiplied by the 1.3 kW will. On the counter Yandex-market cost Bork, Electrolux and First. As for the horse power mixers Kitchen aid, measure does not go beyond 300 watts, which is already mentioned in another commercial. Someone made a mistake, translators or marketing department, decide for yourself, remember, do not always believe the information, seen on the Internet, including those described in the item card.
    whipping mixer

    whipping mixer

  4. Wonder why the thing with a capacity of less horsepower is expensive? It does not mean more is better. When the mixer motor is heated, for heat dissipation needs a relatively large amount of coils. For this reason, the powerful industrial model, made of thick wire. The relatively small capacity, it will create favorable working cycles. This is a smaller area, large activity. That is why major companies are trying to reduce the power.
  5. Consumption enough, mixer kneads the dough vigorously. To its credit, Kitchen aid, producer posted digestible instructions in Russian on the official website. However, a word about the duty cycle, but we wonder will give one hundred points handicap Koreans and their culinary preferences. Written when the engine is not running, the machine time to relax. Translated into Russian means: Kitchen aid mixer viewed equipped with thermal overload protection, and designed for a relatively long continuous operation. Hour - a half-hour break, Race against the clock in the future when the mixer is chopped off, do not forget the break.
    Mixer function grinding meat

    Mixer function grinding meat

  6. The main parameter of mixer with a bowl count the number of speeds. For example, a Kitchen aid them to 10. Indicated in the application instructions will facilitate the speed of learning. At too high rpm ingredients risking scatter around. Incidentally, in the set of stationary Kitchen aid mixer includes cover for the cup with a spout. This is done to add the ingredients to the extent of the blade rotation, without fear that scatter around.
  7. Simply stunning call capabilities Mixer Kitchen aid. Chips are well advertised in commercials. Firstly, the grinder head - a good chance to save money. Minus - the lack of information about the performance of the device. Yes, in the case of the batch job sustained mode, we believe: the twisting of meat - the process expensive, the duty cycle will change radically. It is interesting how many kg per minute grind grinder, how long is able to work without interruption. Then two figures are multiplied, it turns out the amount of meat is ground at a time. However, there are attachments, where most important quality. Discussed in a separate header.

It is interesting! The inventor mixer intentionally created a device with a low rotational speed for deep penetration of ingredients into the air.

Attachment to a stationary mixer Kitchen aid

Do you dream to buy a home, planetary mixer, making pasta? In Kitchen aid for those wishing to surprise - the opportunity to cut the lasagna given width, but also:

  • noodles;
  • horns;
  • twisted pasta.

Individual chic take the opportunity to make two cakes ravioli dough with filling. The mixer will please the home a truly mouth-watering dishes.

Includes citrus press. Juicer resembles a duck for the sick, in the center of the dome sticks traditional citrus. Cut the oranges in half, holding horizontally, gently pressing on the skin, get juice. Curious thing.

Depending on the equipment purchase grater attachment for shredding and grinding. Buy Mixer Kitchen aid.

Stationary mixers with rotating bowl

Once spoke about the stationary mixers, wrong to keep silent about the models with rotating bowl. Blades they are closer to the edge of the stand, and the bowl is rotated. The rim is surrounded toothed strip that is inserted into a special slot of the mixer housing. Then it is clear - the cup moves with the ingredients, the blades remain in place.

Design awkward, rotate heavy ingredients, often holding a bowl of hand. But from the design eliminates expensive planetary gear, the mixer is much cheaper. But the plastic teeth are not credible. Not suggested to acquire a rotating mixer bowl. For now.

We repeat: a prolonged mechanism with the pinion planetary cheaper. Therefore, the future of the light patterns. Model stationary, surround the engine, therefore, the duty cycle has acceptable characteristics.

Now readers wishing to buy a mixer with a bowl, will be able to evaluate the device. It remains to add - viewed Kitchen aid are at a price of 40 thousand. rubles. The cost depends on the configuration. And we say goodbye, any considerations about the mixers - write!

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