Muhnista dew on gooseberry - how to save the harvest?

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Powdery mildew is one of the most dangerous diseases of plants. In particular, gooseberries are very difficult to treat and often beginning gardeners simply lose their plantations.

Unfortunately, this season berries can not be saved. They are absolutely not suitable for food: not only are they still immature, they are also covered with an unpleasant plaque. And in the absence of treatment gooseberries can eventually wither completely. However, do not give up - if you follow the recommendations of experienced truck farmers, then the next season you can eat delicious berries.

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Signs of powdery mildew

Affected plants can be seen with the naked eye: absolutely all berries very quickly become covered with a continuous white-gray coating. In this case, not only fruits are affected, but also leaves with shoots. This plaque consists of a variety of spores that can be brought by the wind or small insects. Over time, it acquires a brown color and is practically not removed when trying to clear berries.

Most of the fruits fall to the ground, and the leaves themselves start to spin and crumble. Even shoots straighten and die, and soon the bush completely disappears.

Usually, the disease actively begins to develop in May, when favorable warm weather is standing, and the bush itself is actively growing and blooming.

How to deal with the disease?

First of all, you should collect all the fallen leaves from the bush and necessarily burn them. After all, on each deciduous plate there are many fungal spores that are capable of infecting the root cane of gooseberries.

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If only a few branches are affected, they can be cut and burned.

For the treatment of fungal disease in a plant, it is necessary to double the bush treatment with a concentrated urea solution;

  • the first - late autumn (600 g per bucket of water);
  • the second in March (700 grams per bucket of water).
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In addition, such drugs as Topaz, Cumulus, Vectra are well proven.

As prevention of mildew disease in healthy plants, they can be sprayed with 1% solution of Bordeaux fluid.

Folk methods

Of folk ways to combat disease plants apply spraying:

  1. A soap-soda solution (on a bucket of water for 50 g of each ingredient).
  2. With ash solution (3 kg per bucket of water).
  3. Urina (1 tbsp. for 5 liters of water).

Leaf processing of gooseberries should be done before and after flowering. It takes a few sprinkles.

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