How to defeat rust on leaves of fruit trees

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Diseases occur not only in plants of indoor and garden, fruit trees are also susceptible to various infections. One of the common diseases is rust on the leaves. Before it, even an adult strong tree can not stand, and a young seedling with a fragile root system and even more so.

How does rust of leaves appear?

At the initial stages of this disease of plants, the foliate plate is covered with small orange spots. Over time, they grow to 1 cm or more. At the same time, a dense growth is formed on the back of the sheet (just under the spot). With an increase in the area of ​​the lesion, the leaves begin to twist and completely crumble.

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In diseased trees, immunity is weakened, as a result of which they do not survive the winter: adult plantations partially freeze, and planted in this season, the seedlings can completely freeze. In addition, from year to year yields decrease.

The causes of "rusty" disease of plants

In most cases, plantations of rust become the bearers of rust. Experienced gardener have long noticed that the most susceptible to disease of apple, pear and plum. Raspberries, gooseberries and currants often suffer from shrubs.

The rusty fungus (the causative agent of the disease) is carried by gusts of wind, affecting all the plants that get into it.

Treatment of rust of leaves

Affected trees must be sprinkled several times:

  • early spring before the bud opening - a solution of copper sulfate at a rate of 300 g per bucket of water;
  • during flowering - with Horus preparation;
  • After the end of flowering - Skor, Rajek or Fitalavin.

Be sure to collect the fallen leaves and burn them.

Prevention of disease

In order to protect your garden from the insidious disease of plants, you need to inspect the plantings more often. The site should be kept clean, in time removing the fallen leaves and removing the weeds. We can not allow water to stagnate in the trunk circle after abundant watering, as this is an ideal environment for the development of fungal infections.

The best prevention of rust is the use for cultivation of only zoned varieties of fruit trees that are immune to rust.

It is necessary to regularly sanitize, as well as whiten the trunks with a mixture of lime (slaked) and preparations containing copper. In addition, it is necessary to dig a spring round every year, then processing the soil alternately with urea and copper sulfate.


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