Why an idiotic dries or problems when growing ferns

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When growing dandies before the florists often there is such a problem that bought in the store is beautiful, lush and green plant, standing for a certain time on the windowsill, begins to dry out and loses its attractiveness. What is the reason for this phenomenon and can it be avoided? It is not difficult to answer this question if one knows what the requirements of this representative of the family of ferns are.

So, the adianum will dry, if the conditions of its content are very far from the natural habitat, namely:

  • too dry air in the house;
  • too bright lighting;
  • too heavy soil;
  • lean irrigation.
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Air humidity

Adianum, like all ferns, loves high humidity. Particularly susceptible to drying the adianum in the heating season, when the batteries additionally dry the air in the room.

The following signs testify to the fact that the plant suffers from dry air:

  • shrinkage of leaflets;
  • shrinkage of young shoots at the stage of their development;
  • deformation of the bush (nakedness and one-sidedness).

To maximize the growing conditions to natural, you can put a fern in an old aquarium. For this:

  • at the bottom of the aquarium lay a thick layer of drainage;
  • from above pour the substrate;
  • plant a plant.

Planted in the aquarium, the adianum will need to be sprayed regularly, as well as to ventilate the tank.

What should be the soil for the idiot?

The ground for the fern should absorb moisture very quickly, but do not detain it in itself. In a constantly wet substratum, the flower, even if it loves moisture, will quickly decay, in addition, it will contribute to the manifestation of fungal diseases.

For the adianum, it is better to use coniferous soil from under the pine, mixed with sand and a universal substrate. The resulting mixture will be loose, sour and light - what fern needs.

Lighting and watering

All ferns simply do not tolerate direct sunlight, including the adianum. The southern side of the house is not suitable for him. It is best to have an idiot on the east or west window sill - there will be enough light for him, and he will not get sunburn from the sun.


As for watering, here you need to find a golden mean - do not fill the plant, but do not skip the next moistening of the soil. Even once permitting complete drying of the soil, it is possible to inflict considerable damage on the adianum.

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