Which powder for the dishwasher to choose

Senior Researcher Amway, Phil Plum demonstrated Planet Home powder extraordinary abilities. For a demonstration performance of 50 grams of cooked rice carefully smeared on the plate. Then the dishes stood for 20 minutes. Then food scraped spatula thick starch remained on the plate. According to the experts' recommendations in the dishes unwashed state withstood 6:00 - required to simulate the actual conditions in which the use at home plate. Finally, dishwasher for a single working cycle has washed utensils Home with powder. On what is the striking effect, a powder for the dishwasher to choose - decide in the article.

Operating principle

In powders cycle automatically loaded into the compartment of the tray on the first stage. Water is heated to the desired temperature, say 60 ° C, the process starts. The compartment already contains sodium ions derived from the salt compartment with a regeneration, both of the active substances interact closely.

It is interesting! At temperatures above 60 ° C most of the powders and detergent loses its useful qualities.

Jets from rotating the rocker arm hitting at 150 km / h to rid plates from contamination. Surface active agents are struggling with fat, protein and carbohydrate (here applies rice starch). Consider the mechanism of action of the powders.

Standard household detergents often are filled with acids:

  1. salt;
  2. nitric;
  3. sulfuric.

Powder for dishwashers

This aggressive substances not intended for food contact. In dishwashers are used based powders acetic, citric and other acids, plus equivalents soap without damaging the stomach at low concentration.

Consider the composition of Ecover tablets, where the powder comes to understand that the used car:

  • Sodium citrate is harmless preservative. People take a remedy for stomach pain and nausea. Soda mixed with citric acid and filled with warm water. Will bubbles resulting chemical reaction produces sodium citrate. Similar to the dissolution Antigrippin remained tsitramon analginum admixed or for effect. The substance kills germs
  • Sodium percarbonate is classified cleaners. This bleach and antibacterial drug.
  • Carbonate and sodium bicarbonate are practically normal soda. Add the water softener and the regulation of acidity.
  • And sodium disilicate poliasparaginat soften the water, form the basis for deduction of negative ions.
  • Ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid acts as an ingredient of detergent powder.
  • Izooktilglyukozid - herbal component extending in the list of ingredients of the powder may be included in the rinse aid composition.
  • Sorbitol (D-glucitol) acts thickener and sweetener. Wondered what chemical scores disgusting flavor powder (thin layer eat with the food), but there is no certainty. Perhaps part of the rinse aid. The fact derives from the analysis of the composition of detergents manufacturers worldwide. For example, a mouthwash often contains said component for flavor.

Ecover powder for dishwashers

  • Canola oil extracted from plants and acts as the raw material for the manufacture of soap.
  • Glycerin is used to increase the viscosity of the detergent.
  • The amylase cleaves starch.
  • Subtilisin cleaves and destroys proteins.
  • Lemon - flavor.
  • Sodium gluconate is a salt component, softens water.

Notice how abundant sodium compounds. This ensures water softening with ion exchange. Sodium is swapped with calcium and magnesium, as a result of blocked scaling. Found no rinse aid composition, but in the standard ingredients include:

  1. Water.
  2. sodium citrate.
  3. Sugar surfactants, such as izooktilglyukozida.
  4. Sorbitol for flavor.

The idea is supposed to alcohol as part of the rinse aid, but stubbornly refused to see a component of tablets Ecover, besides those already mentioned sweet sorbitol. Brand means comprises alcohol, but do not specify which.

We believe that in the Ecover tablets include not just canola oil. There product contains alcohol esters. Substances are just missing component rinse. There is a natural chemistry! Now the reader components on their own break salt powder and a conditioner.

We hope that the efforts were not in vain - forums clogged issues as a means to change the default to public and cheap:

  1. Instead, it is recommended to fill the powder baking soda;
  2. Instead rinse - mixture of vodka, citric acid;
  3. Instead of salt use special cookbook.

We are of the opinion that the sodium chloride can not be used as a special salt. Arguments have already cited in the reviews on VashTehnik portal.

Means for dishwashers in bars

Dishwasher powders

Reviewed the principle and structure of powders for use in dishwashers now go over to producers. Traditionally article in simulated electronic stores, but after reading the forums, make your own opinion. List of powder:

  • Powder Finish dishwasher. Excellent manufacturer, everywhere is put in the first place, even the equipment users. Finish products can not be called cheap, even in the first approximation. Usually more expensive than other means for dishwashers and a half times. If the tablets are difficult to dose, the Finish dishwasher powder in conjunction with rinse aid and salt gives a unique result, equipment flexible dispensing means. On the packaging of tablets write that chemicals should not be used with a full load.
  • There is evidence that the powder for the dishwasher Somat is not too effective. Ironically forum users say they can never be put in the compartment. The result will be the same. To save means to Finish mixed and Somat. We are of the opinion that in the case enter the water hardness factors and biochemical composition. Not every agent is able to simultaneously overcome the proteins, fats and carbohydrates (although it should). Somat powder for the dishwasher twice cheaper others. Manufacturer on this occasion said that the powder for dishwashers Somat machines used exclusively with original salt and rinse aid. These components are complementary and do not act individually (although need).

Somatic powder for dishwashers

  • Powder for the dishwasher Amway did not get serious negative reviews. Product praised as Finish. This is not surprising. Forum users claim - if the dishwasher is a powder, it is not Amway. Funds spent flexible, unique cleans dishes. In amveevkih tablets are allowed not to remove packaging. It arhiudobno using.
  • About powder for dishwashers Bravix users forums mostly silent. Mark of the people has not yet popular. Seen a number of clearly advertising notes in general an impression that the agent does not cause overt criticism or praise. The result is something in between.
  • Powder for dishwashers Claro cars moving on the forums specifically employed persons. With regard to the detergent released explicitly advertising posts. However, according to anecdotal evidence, the reagent copes with dirt well. We recommend to take and try. tablet manufacturer will delight soluble shell. It is proposed to compare powder for dishwashing machines with Claro Greenfield. This will be useful in terms of selecting a suitable detergent.
  • Looking for a eco-friendly dishwasher powders suitable products Ecover (Belgium) and Sodasan (Germany). Both companies stand guard the environment and health.

Opinions Forum trust perhaps there besides dealers and representatives of real people is acquired producer. For example, write that somatic powder for the dishwasher in the packaging, where it is written + Soda, it is not bad. Try, all of a sudden fit!

What powder or selected, it is necessary to assess the quality of the drug with respect to the purchased home appliances. If the unit is dishwasher Ariston presupposes automatic dispensing of detergent, the result will please. But the owners of cheap models may complain of somatic and praise finish, because trying to use the same amount of products. Rather, the case in an amount to provide the required quality. Remember, advanced features touch automation and aim to ensure that every detergent to achieve excellent results. That's what we pay big money, but could take a simple dishwasher for 8500 rubles.

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