How to check the dishwasher and find a breakdown

How to check the dishwasher and find a breakdownDishwashers

How do I check the dishwasher? Often the diagnostics are performed by the system itself, thanks to which a fault code is displayed on the display. Having deciphered the error, it is important to re...

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Why the salt indicator lights in the dishwasher

Why the salt indicator lights in the dishwasherDishwashers

Why does the salt indicator light in the dishwasher? How does it work and what does it say? In the article we will consider all the reasons, possible breakages and tell you what to do.The manufactu...

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Can I wash the porcelain in the dishwasher: the rules

Can I wash the porcelain in the dishwasher: the rulesDishwashers

What kind of dishes can be put in the dishwasher? Faience, glass, crystal - fragile material, will it withstand automatic cleaning? In this publication we find out: whether it is possible to wash t...

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Rating of dishwashers 45 cm wide

Rating of dishwashers 45 cm wideDishwashers

We bring to your attention the rating of dishwashers 45 cm - we will consider their main characteristics and the latest offers of 2017. and previous years from leading brands.Today, the market of h...

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Which dishwasher to choose - Bosch or Siemens

Which dishwasher to choose - Bosch or SiemensDishwashers

Which dishwasher to choose - "Bosch" or "Siemens"? Both brands are widely popular on the Russian market, have a decent reputation and are in demand. But which models are better than they differ, wh...

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Overview of compact dishwashers

Overview of compact dishwashersDishwashers

Do you think that a small kitchen and a dishwasher are incompatible? We hasten to please you: today manufacturers offer not only narrow and built-in models, but also compact ones. Such dishwashers ...

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How to choose a dishwasher 60 cm

How to choose a dishwasher 60 cmDishwashers

Not so long ago, a dishwasher was considered a luxury, and boast it could only very well-off people. Today, everything has changed radically, and the dishwasher has become just as familiar a techni...

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Dishwashers with open model - overview

Dishwashers with open model - overviewDishwashers

We offer to discuss a separate category of dishwashers, which are increasingly gaining popularity among consumers. The main "heroine" of the review is a dishwasher with an open panel. Consider adva...

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Overview of narrow dishwashers

Overview of narrow dishwashersDishwashers

A narrow dishwasher is the dream of residents of small apartments. This compact technique is functional, stylishly designed. What is the difference between narrow dishwashers and full-size models? ...

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Dishwasher without running water

Dishwasher without running waterDishwashers

In your apartment for a long time "registered" a useful household appliances, such as a dishwasher, and you wanted to buy it for a summer residence? Do not always want to fork out for expensive opt...

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