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Cranberries are a very common berry of the northern latitudes, which grow wild in the marshes. Cranberries, useful properties and contra-indications of which are widely known, finds application in different branches of production. The people have heard about the rich possibilities of cranberries: foresters plow the marshy soil in search of a healing berry. State enterprises also use the positive qualities of this product, creating cranberry plantations: harvesting is carried out on a production scale.

Chemical composition

Few berries can compete with cranberries, because its chemical composition includes a large amount of minerals:

  • K - potassium - stimulation of the heart
  • Ca - Calcium - strengthening of bones and enamel
  • P - phosphorus - acceleration of metabolism
  • I - iodine - participation in lipid metabolism
  • Na - sodium - maintenance of blood pressure
  • Mg - magnesium - participation in cardiac activity
  • Ascorbic acid - strengthening immunity

High content of vitamins

Vitamins and trace elements are of tremendous importance for the normal metabolism and vital functions of the body. With their deficiency, the resistance of the organism to various diseases decreases, there is a decline in strength and a decrease in immunity. Vitamin A provides antioxidant protection of the body and speeds up the metabolism. The main function of vitamin D is to ensure the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food. Vitamin E prevents dry skin, improves the condition of hair and nails. Cranberry in excess contains fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D, the importance of which for a person is difficult to overestimate.

What else is the cranberry useful for the human body? Like any other berry, it contains antioxidants. These substances prevent the destruction of cells and preserve the strength and beauty of the human body.

Traditional medicine reveres the healing properties of the miracle berry. From fresh frozen cranberries, excellent compresses from radiculitis are obtained. Cranberry ointment is good for burns and acne.

Therapeutic effect of cranberries

Useful properties of cranberries prevail over contraindications to its use. The range of application of cranberries is wide enough: it is used in medicine, cosmetology and cooking. The positive qualities of the miracle - berries can not be counted, cranberry helps in the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

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Diabetes care

People with diabetes, it is recommended to pay attention to the berry and include in their diet, because the cranberry reduces blood sugar. Cranberry is good because it contains ursolic acid, which actively participates in many processes of human life. Ursulic acid prevents decay and accelerates the metabolism. It promotes lipid metabolism and weight loss, increases muscle mass and slows the build-up of adipose tissue. This berry is low-calorie and contains many coarse fibers, which improve digestion.

Treatment for cystitis

How to take cranberries with cystitis? Doctors recommend berries as a therapeutic food in the presence of this disease and for prevention, because cranberries are officially used in medicine as uroseptic. It prevents the attachment of E. coli and other bacteria to the mucous membrane of the bladder, reducing the risk of developing cystitis. Cranberry also fights against other infections of the urinary system. The fact that all other berries and juices in cystitis are prohibited, enhances the importance of curative properties of cranberries in diseases of the genitourinary system.

Prophylaxis of dental and heart diseases

As a result of scientific experiments, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties of cranberries were revealed. It is statistically shown that people who use this berry for food, suffer less caries. Cranberry eliminates bacterial inflammation of the teeth and kills pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity.

To a lesser extent, the cranberry reduces the risk of cancer and prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis, because it changes the process of oxidation of bad fats.

Atherosclerosis is a very dangerous disease, accompanied by a blockage of blood vessels, which can lead to a heart attack. Substances contained in cranberries reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Normalization of pressure

Cranberries are valued because of their wonderful ability to normalize blood pressure. The question is, which group of patients is it shown as a therapeutic product - hypertensive or hypotensive? Cranberry raises or lowers blood pressure? You can answer this question by studying the chemical composition of the berry.

Normalization of the cardiovascular system is promoted by potassium salts contained in cranberry juice. A large range of biologically active substances causes the use of decoctions of cranberries for the treatment of many diseases, the symptom of which is high blood pressure.

Morse from cranberries is a traditional means for relieving headache in hypertension.

The general improving effect

It is possible to enumerate for a long time, than the cranberry for human body is useful. This miracle berry is unique in its chemical composition and has a positive effect on most body systems. It stimulates intellectual and mental activity. Thanks to the high content of peptides, cranberries remove harmful substances and heavy metals from the body.

Berries can help in preserving home-made foods. Due to its excellent antiseptic properties, cranberries disinfect pickles and marinades.

Vitamin C in the composition of cranberries increases the body's immune system and relieves the person of cold symptoms. Cranberry with cold is shown as a therapeutic product: warm berry juice removes heat and eliminates cough. Vitamin C in the composition of cranberries increases the body's immune system and relieves the person of cold symptoms.

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The main curative properties of cranberries:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antipyretic;
  • bactericidal;
  • diuretic;
  • tonic;
  • thirsting;
  • healing.

Contraindications and application features

The fabulous use of cranberries can be harmful to the category of people who do not observe contraindications to the use. The risk group includes people with gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

Diseases of the digestive tract

Doctors do not recommend eating cranberries for people with peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Also, it is contraindicated for people who have gastritis with high acidity.


When pregnancy, cranberries are contraindicated not to all women. Contraindications in pregnancy are mainly associated with an individual intolerance to the product, resulting in an allergy. Cranberry noticeably lowers blood pressure, so hypotonic patients should not use it. Future mothers, suffering from high acidity of the stomach, also need to refrain from such berry delicacies.


During the gestation period, the future mother's body needs increased saturation with useful components. Cranberries, known for their healing properties, can make up for lost substances, strengthen immunity and soothing effects on the nervous system. Cranberry helps to improve mood.

The body of a pregnant woman is in a state of change and requires a delicate attitude. Eating some foods should be agreed with a specialist. The question of whether pregnant cranberries can be given is to ask a doctor who will give the necessary recommendations.


Women in the period of breastfeeding are recommended to exclude from the menu allergens. Cranberries do not belong to the category of strong allergens, but all fruits and berries of intense red color are still at risk. Therefore, it is worthwhile to refrain from eating this berry for the first time in order to avoid uncontrolled reactions.

To introduce cranberries into the diet is in small quantities. It must be remembered that through the milk of the mother the baby absorbs all the mineral components, and the cranberry contains many organic substances that can irritate the mucous membrane of the baby's stomach. It can cause deterioration of his state of health and digestive problems.

It can not be said for certain whether the cranberry is contraindicated in breastfeeding. This factor depends on the individual development of the baby and the woman's health. When lactating, a miracle berry can improve the quality of the milk of a nursing woman. A cranberry broth will help the mother to find a tonus and get rid of stress.

Kidney Disease

Cranberries increase the acidity of urine, which is unacceptable for people suffering from diseases of the kidney system. Bacteria develop worse in an alkaline environment and can provoke the growth of phosphate stones in the kidneys. Before you include this berries in the diet, it is worth consulting with a specialist. Vitamin C, part of the chemical composition of cranberries, adversely affects the course of the disease in the presence of kidney stones. In such cases it is recommended to use the berry gently under the supervision of a doctor.

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The right choice and ways to store berries

Useful properties of cranberries are undeniable, and contraindications for use are few. This magic berry has become a true leader in the ranking of useful natural products. Fans who want to enjoy a wonderful berry should know some rules for choosing and storing cranberries.

How to choose

The main criterion by which to choose a berry is the appearance. Frozen cranberries should be evenly distributed in the package. The fresh berry differs elasticity, and the peel should be checked for damage.

How to store

Having studied the medicinal properties of cranberries and contraindications to use, a person asks about the proper storage of this product. There is a special method for storing fresh cranberries - the berries content in water in a cool place.

Frozen cranberries are also called "frozen profit because with a sustained minus temperature, the berry retains medicinal properties, and the quality of the product is not lost.

How to Eat

Any fruit and berries are recommended to eat in raw form, after all during heat treatment, most of the vitamins contained in the product are lost. Cranberries are excellent for filling culinary products and are actively used in the composition of sweet and sour sauce for meat. Particularly popular among the people is a vitamin drink from this berry - cranberry juice, as well as various medicinal broths and cranberry jelly. The leaves of the plant can be used as tea leaves.

Video about the healing properties of cranberries

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