How to glue a transparent silicone oilcloth on a table

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The presence of a tablecloth on the kitchen table makes life much easier for the hostess. Especially if it is glued, which is easy to wipe with a sponge and does not need to be washed after each meal of the family. For lovers of comfort and maximum convenience, silicone oilcloths have appeared. They adjust exactly to the dimensions, protect against dirt and do not cover the worktop. Suitable for interiors in different styles.

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  • How to glue silicone oilcloth on a wooden table
    • For which tables is it suitable
    • Application features
    • Care after sticking

How to glue silicone oilcloth on a wooden table

"Soft glass" - this is how a similar tablecloth is often called. It protects against damage as well as dirt, easy to clean and looks beautiful. Transparency pleases the eye for a long time without covering the surface.

The tablecloth is flexible and durable, will last a long time.

For which tables is it suitable

The cover is suitable for all types of tables. Such protection is most relevant for glass and wood surfaces. It closes them from damage, dirt, and prevents rapid abrasion.

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It can be applied not only on the dining table in the kitchen, but also on writing and working surfaces in the home or office.

Manufacturers offer varieties of oilcloths, so the shape of the table can be:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • oval;
  • non-standard configurations and sizes.

Soft glass is available in several versions and with different thicknesses. You should choose depending on the intensity of use of furniture items. The service life of the product is at least 5 years, it has no synthetic odor and is available for contact with food.

Application features

Laying the tablecloth on the table top is not difficult. It is necessary to grasp the edges of the tape and pull it towards you. Then remove the remnants of the film and wipe the oilcloth from dust. Then they put it on the countertop and, moving from the center to the edges, disperse the air so that bubbles do not form.

Once laid, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. This will increase the fit.

The tablecloth is placed on the glass table only after preliminary cleaning from dirt. Then straighten, as mentioned above. If there are air pockets, it is necessary to spray in those places with water from a spray bottle and press it again against the table.

Care after sticking

It is advised to wipe the tablecloth with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth dipped in water. If you find stubborn food stains, use a dish detergent sponge. After smearing, let it sit for a few minutes and then wash off with water.

Otherwise, the liquid glass will last the entire period guaranteed by the manufacturer. After five years, it can become cloudy, become untidy and requires timely replacement.

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