What objects and phenomena are less common abroad than in the CIS

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People are used to complaining that America or Europe has everything, but nothing at home. But is it really so? Migrants often complain about the lack of familiar household items and products that make them yearn for their homeland. Today we will talk about such foreign rarities.

The content of the article

  • High-speed stable internet
  • Slippers
  • Air conditioners
  • Washing machines
  • 24-hour establishments

High-speed stable internet

Yes, yes, I have not sealed myself. However, here we need to make an amendment: the situation is highly dependent on the price. For an impressive amount of "evergreens", any citizen will receive a powerful and stable connection. However, you will have to give a lot of money. Much more than in the CIS, even taking into account the difference in currencies and earnings.

@James Cridland

Moreover, fast Internet, which is available in almost any village in Russia, is sometimes absent abroad as a fact. Already on the outskirts of large cities, the speed noticeably sags. The network is steadily disappearing there, and the locals have long been accustomed to this. However, this does not apply to cellular communications. Yes, it's still very expensive, but 4G coverage is almost everywhere. That is why mobile Internet is often distributed for computers.

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In foreign sitcoms, the heroes stubbornly walk in shoes, even climbing onto the sofa with their dirty feet. And in reality, they really do it. Coming home, people do not even take off their shoes. Some of our compatriots call it irresponsibility, while others rely on the crystal clearness of the streets. However, the fact remains that house slippers are practically not seen either in Europe or in America. And in general, there is no division of clothing into “streetwear” and “for home”.

Air conditioners

In Russia, every high-rise building has been overgrown with "kondeas" and satellite dishes, like ivy. But it is not accepted abroad. However, do not flatter yourself, the reason is not at all in the recommendations of the WHO or some laws of conscious consumption. Air conditioning is just too damn expensive.

@sweety reddy

A good split system by itself is beyond the means of most residents. In America, for example, you have to pay for it from 1200 dollars. And another 75% of the cost of the device will need to be paid separately for installation.

However, the problems don't end there! To install an air conditioner, you need to obtain a special permit. You can't just hang the device outside the window there - this violates the appearance of the city. The owner's task is to beautifully disguise the split system. How he gets out - only his problems.

Washing machines

Both in America and in Europe, citizens rarely keep “washing machines” at home. Whereas for most Russians this is a vital necessity. Abroad, people can easily do without energy-consuming devices. They wash in special laundries near the house or take things straight to dry cleaning.

@Frank S

Everyone can afford to buy a washing machine, but not to service it. Electricity and water are extremely expensive in some areas. It is noticeably cheaper to simply save up dirty laundry and visit the notorious laundry once a week.

24-hour establishments

In Russia, people can go to the store almost at midnight if they suddenly want to eat their favorite bun. Almost all supermarkets in the CIS work, if not 24/7, then at least until eleven in the evening. The same applies to clubs, bars and restaurants - even if you walk for days, the main thing is to pay the bill.

@Terry Chapman

Abroad, you can forget about such "luxury". Most establishments close at six o'clock sharp, and only a few remain open until eight in the evening. Everything is closed for the holidays. For both religious and secular celebrations, you will have to purchase in advance. By the way, this applies to clinics, government agencies and offices, which is sometimes terribly inconvenient.

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