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What scents do we inhale using washing gels

What scents do we inhale using washing gelsPersonal Opinion

Most modern laundry detergents contain additional ingredients that do not affect themquality. These include, among other things, various fragrances, which should give the linen a pleasant aroma. Th...

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What are the things that surprise foreigners in Russian homes?

What are the things that surprise foreigners in Russian homes?Personal Opinion

Many things are characteristic exclusively of the Russian person. Foreigners, getting into the houses of Russians and seeing unexpected objects, fall into a stupor. After all, this is not found in ...

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Which soap is better: liquid or lumpy, what scientists and I have learned

Which soap is better: liquid or lumpy, what scientists and I have learnedPersonal Opinion

I never bothered with the question of choosing a soap, out of habit I found my favorite bottle with a dispenser on the counter. But the last trip to the store changed a lot, because I went shopping...

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How to wash a stretch ceiling: rules and available toolsPersonal Opinion

Stretch ceiling washing is a responsible business. A delicate canvas requires a careful attitude towards itself.According to the rules common to all types of canvases, the ceiling is cleaned with a...

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What objects and phenomena are less common abroad than in the CISPersonal Opinion

People are used to complaining that America or Europe has everything, but nothing at home. But is it really so? Migrants often complain about the lack of familiar household items and products that ...

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What household items are better to change more often than people thinkPersonal Opinion

If you do not change some things in time, then you can do great harm to your own body. In all products, one way or another, microbes accumulate. However, there are such items that many change much ...

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7 household bad habits slowly destroying an apartmentPersonal Opinion

Everyone knows perfectly well that you cannot leave laundry in the washing machine or save up plates for a long time, because it will be difficult to wash them from dried food. However, at the same...

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How not to fool yourself: 5 tips for choosing an apartment before buyingPersonal Opinion

When buying an apartment, people often look only at the location, the quality of the renovation and the beautiful view from the window. I do not argue that these are important indicators. However, ...

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8 simple everyday things that many do not know how to usePersonal Opinion

Ever wondered why a wine bottle has a curved bottom? Or what does the number 57 mean on cans of Hines sauce? Today I will talk about this and 10 more things that many people do not even know about ...

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Truths and lies about home: refuting 7 furniture mythsPersonal Opinion

A rich human imagination has given rise to countless myths about the most ordinary household items. It can be quite difficult to figure out which ones are true. Today I will refute some of the most...

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