5 household items that are slowly killing their owners

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It is generally accepted that only at home it is warm and safe. They say that only behind the door of a cozy apartment you can hide from the threats of the outside world. But is it really so? Many people at home face no less dangers than on the street. And their source is the usual household things. I'll tell you about them today.

The content of the article

  • Air freshener
  • Moth remedies
  • Chipboard furniture
  • Sun Creams
  • Plastic utensils

Air freshener

Almost everyone has a small bottle with an alluring inscription "Sea Breeze" in the toilet or living room. However, along with a pleasant scent, the set includes flatates - special chemical compounds that ensure the persistence and durability of the scent.

Moreover, they are by no means safe for the body. They inflict the greatest damage on men's health. Chemical compounds cause a decrease in testosterone levels, which leads to problems with the reproductive system. When sprayed with a freshener, flatates settle on the skin, enter the respiratory tract and slowly poison the body.

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If you can't do without scented fragrances, you can prepare the product yourself. To do this, you need to mix:

  • 20 drops of any essential oil;
  • 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol
  • distilled water.

Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle, shake well - the all-in-one odor control is ready.

Moth remedies

Small balls are placed in the closet as protection against harmful insects. After all, no one will like to take out a spring woolen coat after winter and find that it is all in small holes. Moth remedies are based on mothballs. It is a versatile, powerful and highly hazardous substance.

Naphthalene has long been recognized by the world community as a carcinogen. With prolonged exposure, it can even cause headaches and nausea. When ingested - and young children often mistake bright balls for sweets - it causes severe poisoning.

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That is why it is better to do without it in the house. In return, pack your clothes for the winter in an airtight cover - not a single mole will get through.

Chipboard furniture

Chipboards seem to us to be the material of the future. They are much cheaper than the array, while they look quite stylish. It looks like a real tree! However, an ordinary table or chair can become deadly.

When creating furniture from chipboard, manufacturers often save on materials. The resulting compounds are highly toxic. Formaldehyde has a headache. It also causes burning, skin irritation and active lacrimation. For allergy sufferers, this substance is completely deadly.

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Not all chipboard furniture is like that. In order not to fall for an unscrupulous manufacturer, inspect the chair before buying. An unpleasant smell is the first sign of the presence of formaldehyde in the composition.

Sun Creams

Scientists still cannot decide. A couple of years ago, everyone shouted that you can't go out without sunscreen. However, now the vector has changed, and the world community is talking about its danger.


Many budget funds contain oxybenzone. With frequent use, it accumulates in the body, negatively affects the endocrine system. Therefore, before buying a cream, carefully study its composition.

Plastic utensils

Disposable plates and cups are handy, but very toxic. Scientists recommend avoiding plastic labeled 03, 06 and 07. You should also be afraid of melamine: it is released into food, gradually causing intoxication of the body. It is better to replace plastic dishes with porcelain or glass.

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