Reasons why Americans don't put a fence around a private home

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The standard picture that we see in films is an American suburb and beautiful private houses, which are close to each other. Our compatriots are regularly worried about why there is such a small gap between them, not even separated by a fence. They are as if they live in one community. And this opinion is not far from the truth.


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  • TOP 3 reasons why Americans do not fence themselves
    • Religious norms
    • Area rules of residence
    • Saving

TOP 3 reasons why Americans do not fence themselves

Russians are surprised by this approach to organizing personal space. After all, it is in this country, in our opinion, that human freedom and property are jealously guarded. But, as it turned out, they don't need fences for this. Laws and generally accepted rules do the job well.

The distance between houses is often so small that it seems as if this is a natural continuation of it.

Religious norms

The first significant reason is considered rules of the Protestant faith. Historically, it was she who took root in the United States. Even in those distant times, people were taught to live in peace and harmony, not to exalt themselves above others, not to fence themselves off from their neighbors.

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Established norms governed life in communities and smoothly passed into the everyday life of people in America.

Today, these norms are somewhat outdated and are practically not followed by anyone, but most residents still prefer to do without fences. And if suddenly they put up a fence, then rather, it serves as a decorative element. It is a low fence made of wide boards painted in a light color. Moreover, most often it is installed on the back of the housing.


Area rules of residence

Buying a house in the suburbs American signs a detailed contract, which indicates the basic rules. Usually there are notes about various nuances:

  • is it possible to install a fence and which one;
  • how to mow a lawn;
  • how many pots with flowers to expose;
  • is it allowed to plant flower beds;
  • what shade to make the facade.

The issues are scrupulously regulated, since the house, which is privately owned, is located on the territory of the municipality. Exactly it inspires respect for the general rules of conduct. To put up a fence, you have to get permission from the authorities, and the reason for installing it is assumed to be good.



Another important point that the Americans adhere to. It is not difficult to put up a fence - it is expensive to coordinate and purchase materials, negotiate with the masters. These are significant costs. And here there is also the risk of ruining relations with neighbors, who may find the act offensive.

Practical residents of the country prefer to save money on an element of street furnishings. Living without a fence isn't so bad personal space, hardly anyone dares to violate.

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