What exactly amazes foreigners in our apartments and causes wild surprise

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For many foreigners, Russia is considered a favorite destination for tourism. However, they can admire the country at any time of the year. Here the winter is beautiful and the people are simple. But sometimes there is complete amazement on the faces of the guests. And this is not surprising, because the inhabitants of any state have long developed their own traditions, mentality and radically different views on some things. And we are no exception!

It’s just one of these surprises that our ordinary housing becomes. We decided to analyze what exactly amazes visitors in typical Khrushchev houses and simply surprises them to the core.

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Foreigners are often frightened by our neighborhood with... neighbors. Some things even horrify them. For example, how can you flood an apartment below, the screams of children and quarrels of spouses (which is just incredibly distinctly audible), and also constantly drills something and knocks with a hammer. For newcomers, this is more like a struggle for survival than a measured and calm life.

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And if you add to this the constant surveillance from the neighbors, then there are already round eyes on their faces.

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Perhaps most of the Russian entrances evoke only one thought: "Just don't touch anything with your hands." Unfortunately, the view of our houses from the inside is really not the best sight. But foreigners are more afraid of something else. They are just terrified of the pile of cigarette butts, ashtrays right on the windowsills, cobwebs, chewing gum, graffiti and this smell ...



If a resident of another country comes to visit you, he will immediately be surprised why you are trying his immediately change into home shoes, because in most other countries it is enough to simply take off street shoes in an apartment.

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Our overseas friends are more likely to build more balanced and restrained relationships with their loved ones. But here they sometimes violate some personal boundaries, especially when people of different generations live in the same territory.

For example, in Italy it is not customary for children to live with their parents, and in Germany, before coming to visit, it is imperative to call and warn about the visit. We also practice this, but, unfortunately, not so strictly.



The guests of our country are most often surprised by the balcony / loggia, which more resemble a junk warehouse than a place for a pleasant stay. Usually, in overseas countries, it is here that people are used to drinking tea in the evenings and relaxing, but in our country it is not just a rarity, but sometimes it is considered wild.


Country house

Foreigners are often struck by the need to go somewhere to... work. In general, for us a vegetable garden is something sacred and inviolable, but at the same time it is a huge work in the sweat of our brow. In other countries, such houses are bought in order to relax there, and not to work, to enjoy solitude, fresh air and landscapes. We did everything the other way around.


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