Simple arithmetic: how many towels a person should have

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I invite everyone to look into their bathroom and count the number of towels that are hanging there. Naturally, per person (what if you have 5-8 family members). Of course, there are rules, to follow which is a personal matter for everyone, but we will just tell you how many towels a person should have, and it's up to you whether to take this into account or just ignore. Perhaps such light household arithmetic will help you look differently at this type of textile.


The content of the article

  • Purpose of towels
  • Simple calculation
  • How to minimize towel turnover: tips
  • Why is it so important to keep your towels regularly changed?

Purpose of towels

Basically, a person should have five towels. This is not a whim, but simple hygiene requirements. So:

  • facial;
  • for hands;
  • for legs;
  • general for the whole body;
  • for intimate hygiene.

Wow! As many as five! However, none of us wants bacteria from the feet to "get acquainted" with the microflora of the face. Or, even worse - with delicate parts of the body ...

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You should not immediately be indignant and / or upset, because this is only theoretically. In practice, rarely does anyone post such an amount per person. Usually their number is much smaller. As a rule, each of us should have at least two: the first - for the hands - exactly separate, the second - for the whole body (bath).

Simple calculation

You have five or two towels - this is a purely personal matter and, in fact, does not concern anyone. But now we need to find out how many of them should be in general, taking into account the recommendations of dermatologists, taking into account also the change of textiles (washing, drying, ironing). There is such a scheme:

  • facial change once every 1-2 days;
  • bath - after every 3 uses (approximately once a week);
  • for intimate hygiene - daily;
  • for hands and feet - once every 2-3 days.


Here it is already easy to find out that for a small family of three (subject to weekly washing), a huge supply will be required:

  • bath rooms - 6 pcs.;
  • facial - 9 pcs.;
  • for intimate hygiene - as many as 21 pcs.;
  • for legs - up to 6 pcs.;
  • for hands - about 3 pcs. (it is permissible to use such towels for all family members, and not have individual ones).

We also remember the guest options, because when someone comes to visit you, they will need to hang out a separate towel.

In total - about 50 pieces per week! This is a whole towel factory of some kind. Where to get so much and not go broke?! And to keep all this is just a mockery ...

How to minimize towel turnover: tips

To make the consumption of clean textiles less, but at the same time nothing threatens our health, you can use tricks:

  1. The bath must be dried well after use. If you do not want to buy a new one or care about your health (and your skin in particular), then the habit of throwing a towel anywhere should be eradicated once and for all. Well-dried textiles retain fewer germs.
  2. Try to wash not once every 7 days, but at least twice. This way you have clean towels available and can always be changed.
  3. You can wipe your face with paper products, just like your hands.
  4. Do not put towels in the closet that are even slightly damp. Remember: they need to be dried very well!


Why is it so important to keep your towels regularly changed?

Dirty textiles, whatever one may say, are an ideal breeding ground for germs, bacteria and fungus. It is this reason that often becomes the result of skin rashes, allergies, itching and other not the most pleasant problems. The risk of getting a sore especially increases when it is sultry summer outside. And if you add to this the humidity in the bathroom, and the sensitivity of the skin, then the letter is gone.

And don't forget that dust accumulates on the towels too!

How many different pathogens do we ourselves leave (for example, dead epithelium, microscopic particles) - it is better not to know to anyone, and not even try to look at it under microscope.


Basically, it's okay if you change towels much less frequently than dermatologists require. However, think that clean textiles are primarily necessary for you, so only you and no one else benefit from frequent changes.

Never give your towel to strangers or a sick person, even the closest one.

And if we draw an analogy with underwear. You can wear it for at least a week, but it's not very pleasant, right?


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