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It is difficult to imagine the Black Sea or Crimean landscapes without a slender handsome cypress. If on vacation you are fascinated by this beautiful tree, covered with myths and legends, try to grow a cypress in a pot. Care for him will require some knowledge and skills, but for this miniature southern Christmas tree will enjoy its soft aromatic pine needles all year round.

Description of the plant

Cypress refers to the genus of evergreen trees and shrubs of the same family. Forms a pyramidal or sprawling crown. Young plants have small, needle-like leaves. In adult specimens they are scaly, pressed to the branches. Cypress refers to monoecious plants: under one crown are male and female cones, ripening in the second year. On the underside of the scales of the cone, seeds are hidden.

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Cypresses are inhabitants of the subtropical and tropical climate. Frost-resistant species are grown in gardens and parks, and large-fruited cypress is popular for breeding at home in a pot.

In Christian culture cypress appears as a symbol of eternal life and is mentioned in the Bible as a tree growing in paradise gardens.

In order to arrange a piece of the Garden of Eden on its windowsill, it is necessary to create cypresses that are close to the environment of its natural habitat.

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Care of the room cypress

This southern heat-loving culture needs good lighting. But to sustain a bright sun can only grown trees, and young sprouts at noon it is desirable to pritenyat. The best location for him is the eastern or northern window sills.

Care of cypress in the pot at home is a regular watering, pruning, spraying and providing a period of winter peace.

In the summer, the southern beauty is kept at a temperature of at least 20 ° C and an abundance of fresh air. To this end, the cypress in the pot is carried to the balcony, to the courtyard, to the verandah. In hot season the plant needs regular spraying, very fond of showers or at least an arrangement near wet moss or wet pebbles.

In early spring, the cypress is cut to form the desired crown. Until autumn, it is watered abundantly, following the rule - the warmer in the room, the more watering.

From May to August, cypress is fed every month with a liquid mineral fertilizer intended for indoor plants.

Very similar to cypress so-called cypress. They belong to the same genus, and care for the cypress in the pot should be the same as for the cypress itself.

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How to care for a cypress in a pot in winter

For intensive growth during the vegetation period, the cypress needs a winter rest. At this time it is kept in a cool room at a temperature of 8-10 ° C. Watered very moderately, once every 7-10 days. The best place for a hibernating cypress is a warmed balcony or loggia. To the roots do not freeze, the pot is wrapped with any insulation - polystyrene, mineral wool, rags.

With the onset of spring, the cypress is cut and after two weeks is brought into a warm room. Watering gradually increase and begin to fertilize.


Cypress Transplantation

Young, fast growing cypresses are transplanted annually, from April to May. Adults do not need an annual transplant, with this procedure they are carried out as needed, when the cypress becomes cramped in the old pot.

Transplant cypress houses in the pot extremely carefully, since it tolerates even a violation of the integrity of the earthy coma. In fact, the plant is transferred to a larger capacity, gently shaking the earth along the edges of the earth coma.

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Fill the bottom of the pot with a depth of a few centimeters, a little sand and a soil mixture consisting of:

  • 1 part of sand,
  • 1 part of peat,
  • 1 part of the sod land,
  • 2 parts of leafy or ordinary garden soil.

The new soil under the earth clod is poured in such a way that in the transplanted plant the root neck remains above the surface of the soil.

Cypress is put in a new pot, trying not to pour earth from it, and gently fill the ground with the space between the roots and walls of the pot. The soil is slightly compacted and watered.

Diseases and pests

Diseases of cypress are usually associated with improper care. So, from the overmoistening of his roots rot. In case of appearance of root rot, the patient is transplanted into a new land, removing decaying roots and reducing the frequency of watering.

Due to the dry air in the room, cypress may suffer from invasion of scabbards or spider mite. The disease is easily treated with "Fitoverm" or "Actellikom". To prevent the appearance of pests, it is necessary to maintain optimum humidity in the room.

With these simple rules of care, cypress in a pot is able to grow into a slender and elegant tree, which will become a real highlight of the interior.

Video about the transplantation and reproduction of cypress in a pot

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