Fairy dishwasher tablets: review, reviews, professional opinion

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All-in-1 capsules are considered the most convenient and economical means for washing cutlery in the dishwasher. There are a lot of similar miracle pills produced by different companies on store shelves.

Among the assortment, you can find Fairey tablets for the dishwasher, which contain about 10 active substances that can cope with any contamination. As part of our article, we will consider their features, and also take a closer look at the brand's assortment.

The content of the article:

  • General information about the means of Fairy
  • Review of tablets (capsules) for PMM
    • Remedy # 1 - Fairy Powerdrops
    • Remedy # 2 - Fairy All in 1
    • Remedy # 3 - Fairy Jar All in 1
    • Remedy # 4 - Fairy Platinum Tablets
  • Customer feedback on Fairy capsules
    • Positive responses to pills
    • Cons of pressed products
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

General information about the means of Fairy

The Fairy brand has long established itself as a successful manufacturer of bit chemicals for dishwashing. Developed by Fairey in Brussels as part of the American corporation Procter & Gamble. Economical consumption, European quality and mountains of clean dishes made Fairy capsules the sales leaders among all detergents of this type on the Russian market.

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Please note that dishwasher capsules and tablets are identical products. The original name of this detergent is dishwasher capsules. The confusion with the translation is due to the fact that funds of this type in Russia are called tablets, but are in the form of multifunctional capsules.

Fairy capsule packaging

Faery capsules, thanks to the active concentrated detergent elements, will wash away even old fat, remove burnt food residues. Remember that dishes after being treated with such active chemicals should be thoroughly rinsed

Any Fairey tablets, according to the manufacturer, can easily cope with grease and dirt, clean silverware and glassware. One capsule contains concentrated powder and gel and a powerful rinse aid.

Note that in the composition of one Fairy capsule, in addition to the main components, there are four to ten more active components. For example, phosphates and special special additives protect the internal parts of the dishwasher from scale and corrosion, the active substances make sure that there are no white spots and streaks on clean dishes.

Each capsule is wrapped in a film, which itself gradually dissolves in water. Please note that the tablet should only be taken with dry hands to avoid moisture getting on the water-soluble shell.

Visual view of Faerie capsules

Visually, the Faerie tablet is a small pad in a water-soluble cover, inside which with one powerful dishwashing powder on the side, and on the other two active gels, as well as up to 10 positions additives

Faery composition

The tablets already contain salt and rinse aid, but some users note that additional rinse aid and salt will only improve the result.

This miracle remedy works simply: all components simultaneously affect dirty dishes. Fairey tablets effectively wash away grease and stubborn stains not only in hot, but also in cold water. Remember to remove any food debris before loading dirty dishes. To familiarize yourself with the rules for loading dishes into the machine, please go to this link.

It is not recommended to use them for cleaning antique or Chinese porcelain dishes and for washing crystal.

If you use capsules, then you should connect the "3 in 1" program (the name of the programs in different brands of dishwashers may differ). This is done so that more water is released to dissolve the capsule. If your dishwasher is capable of analyzing tablets (these are the latest generation brands), then you can choose any program.

In addition, Fairey's pressed detergents will take care of the dishwasher's details, because the capsules contain a special salt. We wrote about the purpose of dishwasher salt in this material.

Special washing salt cleans the filter

Powerful Faerie capsules are great at not only handling dirty dishes, but also helping to keep key parts of the dishwasher clean. For example, a filter that no longer needs to be cleaned after every wash

Each dishwasher has a separate compartment for tablets. If the capsule is too large, place it in the cutlery basket. Do not put the tablet in the compartment next to the main container, as the tablet may dissolve unevenly there, and as a result, streaks or dirty areas will remain on the plates.

The video clearly introduces the advantages and principle of action of the encapsulated drug for PMM from Fairey:

Review of tablets (capsules) for PMM

A large number of dishwashing tablets are produced under the Fairy name, consider the line of topical products.

What do all capsules of the brand have in common? Firstly, 1 tablet, regardless of the composition, washes all dishes the first time. Secondly, even with short-term washing and low temperatures, Fairey copes with all dirt. Thirdly, the product works actively in water of any hardness.

Remedy # 1 - Fairy Powerdrops

These small pads are, according to the manufacturer, a multi-functional dishwashing detergent. In addition to powerful detergents (gels and powder), the composition also contains softening salts. After washing with these tablets, there will be no streaks or food particles left on your dishes. Each tablet has an individual, water-soluble package.

Fairy Powerdrops Tablets

Fairey tablets are suitable for any type of dishwasher. One such capsule is designed for one wash cycle, it is not necessary to separate them several times.

There are different packages: 30, 60, 90 and more pieces in zip-packages. Fairy Powerdrops tablets are available with and without lemon scent.

Remedy # 2 - Fairy All in 1

These compressed capsules, like the previous one, are filled with compressed white dishwashing powder, green and blue gels. The tablets are in a waterproof zip bag.

The manufacturer prescribes on the packaging that active detergents have the following properties:

  • perfectly clean dishes;
  • efficiently wash off fat;
  • relieve even of stubborn dried contaminants;
  • give shine to all dishes;
  • wash "to a squeak" both in hot and cool water;
  • packaging that does not require opening dissolves gradually;
  • delicately clean silver and glassware;
  • fight against the appearance of scale on the parts of the dishwasher;
  • have antibacterial function.

The instructions for use of the tablets indicate that they must be placed in a special compartment in the dishwasher. If the capsule does not fit into the compartment, then it can be put in a box for forks and spoons.

In this case, it is undesirable to select a presoak program. These capsules will do their job effectively, so you don't need to add extra salt or extra salt. rinse aid.

Fairy All in 1 packaging

Fairy All in 1 tablets not only clean cutlery, but also take care of the dishwasher. The assortment includes capsules without flavors (Original) or with a lemon scent

Please note that these tablets can be used in water with a hardness not exceeding 21 dH.

At the same time, Fairy All in 1 tablets are not recommended for cleaning antique or Chinese porcelain, as well as for crystal products. If you want to wash silverware in the dishwasher, make sure that they do not touch stainless steel products.

Fairy All in 1 capsules are packaged in special waterproof packs of 26, 39, 52 or 65 pieces.

Remedy # 3 - Fairy Jar All in 1

Fairy Jar All in 1 capsules contain an improved detergent formula that has been successfully used to cleanse any contamination in the latest generation dishwashers with an advanced system of protection of the device against formation scale.

Fairy Jar All in 1 Capsules

Capsules qualitatively, like other products in this line, wash cutlery and pots from various contaminants and give them a delicate shine.

The manufacturer guarantees that these tablets have the following capabilities:

  • have powerful cleansing ingredients that work in cold water;
  • remove complex dirt;
  • cleaned of stubborn fat;
  • work with the function of "soaking dishes";
  • get rid of tea plaque on cups and glasses;
  • have the functions of shine (important for glass) and shine of steel;
  • protect the dishwasher from limescale;
  • gently clean glass and silver.

In addition to the main components, the capsules contain a rinse aid, special salt, active additives to protect silver, metal, glass, as well as a scale barrier.

Remedy # 4 - Fairy Platinum Tablets

Fairy Platinum capsules contain a special gel and powder that prevents the formation of limescale, white lime deposits on dishes. They have a new formula. Now, in addition to washing dishes, they also take care of the cleanliness of the dishwasher itself, and will also be able to prevent corrosion of the internal parts of the device.

Are you using a different dishwasher detergent that doesn't care about dishwasher cleanliness? In this case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the best cleaning agents.

Fairy Platinum Zip Capsules

Fairy Platinum capsules are among the most powerful in the line. They are capable of professional washing of dishes, cleaning from dried fat without additional soaking and taking care of the dishwasher

With these tablets, your glass and steel appliances will shine. Fairy Platinum tablets, like other compressed dishwasher detergents, have a soluble shell and begin to actively affect dirt even in cool water.

The capsules contain the following substances:

  • about 30% active phosphates;
  • no more than 15% of surfactants;
  • mild food grade bleach;
  • phosphonates;
  • enzymes that actively remove fats;
  • chemical flavors;
  • artificial fragrances.

Store Fairy tablets in a dry, dark place, at a temperature not exceeding 35 degrees, avoiding direct sunlight on the pack with the product. In a damp room or when moisture gets into the bag, the tablets may stick together or the protective film may be damaged. And this will provoke the flow of the gel or the soaking of the powder. The quality of cleaning the dishes depends on the correct storage of the capsules.

Waterproof zip packaging for tablets

Fairy capsules are in a specially waterproof bag with a zip fastener. Make sure that moisture does not get inside the bag - it can ruin the product

Please note that Fairey dishwasher tablets cannot be replaced with the same brand of liquid detergent. This is because the liquid gel forms too much foam, which can completely damage the dishwasher.

In recent years, Fairey tablets have been produced without phosphates. But if there are small children in the family, allergies or any diseases are found, then keep in mind that Fairy capsules contain anionic surfactants.

The abbreviation surfactant stands for surfactants. Exceeding the norm of anionic surfactants adversely affects the human body. To avoid negative consequences, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the dishes under running water.

Customer feedback on Fairy capsules

Before buying a compressed detergent, consider not only the manufacturer's promises, but also real customer reviews.

Positive responses to pills

Some housewives rarely use Fairy capsules, moreover, as heavy artillery for cleaning heavily soiled, greasy or dried dishes (baking sheets, pots, etc.). Buyers of Fairy Jar All in 1 detergents say they clean burnt baking trays and grease stains perfectly without pre-soaking.

Many users note that Fairy All In 1 and Fairy Platinum tablets, along with the dishes, clean the walls of the dishwasher and the drain grid.

Using any Faerie capsules, you can not be afraid that the filter gets clogged with fat. This means that there is no need to clean it every 3-4 washes, as required. care rules behind the dishwasher. The walls of the car are also crystal clear.

Loading tablets into the dishwasher

All Fairy tablets are large and should be carefully placed in the compartment. If this is not done, then, as noted by users, the capsule will get stuck and the dishes will be washed without detergent.

Cons of pressed products

Of the minuses, they note a high price, but, as you know, you have to pay for quality. In addition, manufacturers have proven that Fairy capsules have a pleasant price / quality ratio. This is expressed in the fact that you can perfectly wash dirty dishes in cold water in 30-45 minutes.

If the load of dishes is minimal (for example, only half of the maximum number of cutlery), then there is a risk of getting plaque on each plate at the exit. To avoid this, connect an additional rinse or manually rinse each item individually. This is especially true for glasses and glassware.

The quality of washing depends on the quantity of dishes.

If you are loading a small amount of dishes, then immediately program an additional rinse. Because residual detergent can leave streaks on clean dishes

For some, the indisputable disadvantage is the persistent smell of chemicals that remains on the devices after washing. When you open the machine after washing, the first to come out is a plume of steam mixed with a persistent smell of detergent that does not fade for a long time. The odor on the appliances can be easily dealt with by additional rinsing.

If the aroma remains, then you should thoroughly rinse the washed dishes under running water. Leave the dishwasher open for a while after washing and, if possible, ventilate the room. Alternatively, try to purchase fragrance-free capsules.

Don't want to overpay for Faerie capsules? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with pill recipes do it yourself from scrap materials that can be found in almost any kitchen.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video will acquaint you with the advantages of tabletted agents for use in dishwashers:

Comparison of three types of cutlery washing tablets. A detailed demonstration of how capsules can handle cleaning a dirty glass and a cup with dried tea. (Fairy Timecode 5:38):

The choice of which type of Fairy tablets to use is, of course, yours. First of all, pay attention to how dirty the dishes are and how often you run the sink, whether it is advisable to use the products of this brand from an economic point of view.

Test all types of capsules, be sure to check how they work in different modes and how much the quality of washing depends on the change in water temperature. Analyze the results and choose the most suitable Fairey detergent for you.

Which Fairy product do you prefer to use? Share your impressions of the use of various capsules of this manufacturer with other visitors to our site, add original photos of the packaging with pills in the comments block.

If you have any questions about the use or selection of the right product for your dishwasher, ask our experts.

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