Classic olive kitchen with film facades and a peninsula

We chose the olive green kitchen primarily because of its originality. It would seem - a classic, even neoclassical kitchen, but facades of different sizes and colors, uncharacteristic for this style, make the interior unusual. Olive color in kitchens is a rare visitor, but the more interesting the end result is.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Davydoff mebel

G. Ryazan

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Olive kitchen with MDF facades in foil

The atmosphere in the kitchen is calm, but at the same time it creates a certain feeling of freshness. The size of the headset is 3000 x 1000 mm. Frame facades tend to neoclassical, as there are no more decorative elements. The sections of different heights are arranged in such a way that they form a stylized hearth - the center of the classic interior and the main element of the composition. The hood above the hob is an imitation of a fireplace.

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Film multilevel facades

Glossy film facades from MDF (film of the highest category). The film is a high-strength, wear-resistant coating. And contrary to the prevailing stereotypes, such surfaces have many advantages: they are easy to care for, they are heat and moisture resistant.

Olive kitchen with MDF facades in foil

Olive blends well with the gray countertop and even seems brighter against the gray walls and wood-patterned floor. The table top from the Slotex company is a moisture-resistant chipboard board, faced with plastic on both sides and fastened with polyurethane glue. It is a non-porous, impact-resistant work surface that is abrasion-resistant, mold-resistant and almost impossible to scratch. The countertop is quite a bit lighter than the floor and apron and is difficult to distinguish from artificial stone.

Tabletop from the Slotex company

The right lighting enhances the unique interior design. The kitchen has a large window through which a lot of light enters and a beautiful view opens up. The table top is cast, of a complex U-shaped configuration, continues on the windowsill and on the peninsula. In a relatively small kitchen (8 sq. m) we got a large work surface and an additional dining area.

Window with an engaged window sill

On the opposite wall, in a niche, we placed a refrigerator and above it - a small mezzanine up to the ceiling. And the refrigerator immediately became one with the headset.

Refrigerator with mezzanine

Inside the cabinets, Blum fittings are Blumotion closers (softening the impact when the door is closed) and shock absorbers (hinges without closers, but with shock absorbers). The use of Blumotion door closers makes the door closing process smooth and even, even somewhat graceful.

Blum fittings
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