Makassar white contrast kitchen in art deco style

The Makassar art deco kitchen from Platino mobili has a distinct compositional center. The direction belongs to the classic, which means that the central element of the interior was necessary. Most often, a hood is used for this, located in the center of the headset. In our case, the hood was hidden under bright facades, and the art deco style was complemented by a symbiosis of European traditions with African elements (ebony veneer).

The kitchen is made in the company:

G. Moscow

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Makassar art deco kitchen

There is not much decor in our kitchen, but it makes a strong impression. The color contrast between the unusual wood texture and the glossy white facades is quite unusual, but it gives the interior a touch of originality. This graphic quality is inherent in Art Deco, which is distinguished by its luxurious appearance and elegance.

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Kitchen with ebony veneer facades

The cost of the kitchen was 954 thousand. rubles. Dimensions: 2600 x 3000 x 650 mm. The furniture case is made of MDF 16 mm thick, the edges are covered with matte enamel.

Art Deco white kitchen

Facades of MDF, 22 mm thick, two types: matt enamel S400N and ebony veneer, with glossy varnish. The central part of the furniture has a glossy frame with a shirt pattern, made at an angle of 45 degrees. Such a simple solution over a large area, together with a bright marble countertop, impresses with its sophistication down to the smallest detail.

Kitchen with ebony veneer facades

Blum Aventos SERVO-DRIV foldable lifts installed on both sides in the upper fronts are ideal for high sections. Large doors lift easily with one touch, providing ample space.

Folding lift Aventos SERVO-DRIV

Behind the central facades, it was possible to hide not only the hood, but also to place several more shelves on the sides.

Shelves near the hood

The lower part of the kitchen is completely thought out in terms of functionality and convenience: Blum smooth hinges; 2 pull-out baskets "Comfort".

Pull-out basket Comfort

The top of the American Cambria quartz stone with a marbled pattern is beautiful and has all the advantages of quartz: resistance to any kind of impact and a long service life.

Cambria Quartz Stone Marble Countertop

Above it is the illumination of the working area. The surface of the table top has a wide curved edge on the wall and front for better protection.

Quartz Stone Cambria

Our stylish kitchen is vibrant, bold and intriguing. It reflects luxury and comfort.

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