What is white honey obtained from?


The name of this some honey will lead to bewilderment and confusion, as we are accustomed to seeing this beekeeping product in brown, yellow, at most, lemon color. Depending on the medon, thishoney is almost white, as baked condensed milk.

White honey from Bashkortostan is famous all over the world, where generations of generations of beekeeping - forest beekeeping, receiving wild honey - are passed from generation to generation. Refers to elite varieties of honey.

It is appreciated by amateurs and professionals for useful properties. What is it made of and why is it so thick? White honey is a common name for many varieties, which went from its color after sugaring.


Table of contents

  • The taste and color of white honey, why it got that name
  • Ingredients: vitamins and minerals
  • Beneficial features
  • Contraindications and harm
  • From what it turns out, what honey?
  • Storage conditions
  • What are the main diseases that heal?

The taste and color of white honey, why it got that name

White honey immediately after pumping has a light yellow color, and is called so, because

after crystallization becomes almost white, as an oil. Its taste is different and depends on the medon. If the bees took nectar from the flowers of raspberries or roses, the aroma of such honey is tender. The taste is sweet, without bitterness. In his mouth he melts, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

White honey

Vanilla taste this sweetness, if honey was a sweet clover. Thanksflowers of alfalfahoney has a specific sweet taste and consistency of cream after crystallization. The sainfoin gives him a soft-sweet taste. Lime honey is also sometimes called white, because after sugaring it acquires such a color. The same situation with a bribe from a white acacia.

Almost the only honey-bearer, the taste qualities of which are manifested after sugaring, is cotton. Consistency of such honey is airy. In fresh form it is better not to use it, but wait for the crystallization process.

Ingredients: vitamins and minerals

Due toThe honey plants of white honey are various plants, its composition is also different.

Composition %
Fructose 38-41
Glucose 33-36
Water, polysaccharides, sucrose, ashes, organic acids, other substances 23-29

There are about three hundred minerals and microelements in the composition.

The main following microelements:

  • Fluorine;
  • Manganese;
  • Zinc;
  • Nickel;
  • Chromium;
  • Copper and others.
White honey in a jar

Mineral substances are represented by salts:

  • Gland,
  • Sodium;
  • Yoda;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Calcium;

It containsa large number of essential amino acids. In its composition contains vitamin C, vitamins B, vitamin K and E, others.

100 g of product contains from 280 to 320 kilocalories.


Beneficial features

In different countrieswhite honey is valued, based on honey. In the United States in this respect prefer pre-nunnik. In Russia - lime and acacia.

Due to the presence of enzymes in its composition,white honey has a positive effect on digestion. It is taken with dietary procedures. If the device was preceded by physical and mental stress, it will help restore the tone of the body. Since white honey gives a healing effect due to bactericidal properties, it is recommended to use it after injuries and operations.

The boy is eating honey

Unlike other varieties, heuseful for young children, but not for babies. At this age, it is necessary to reduce the intake dose four to five times, in comparison with an adult. Eat it better in pure form on an empty stomach, after a 1-minute drink with a glass of warm water. The hot environment is fatal for enzymes and vitamins. Therefore, do not breed this sweetness in hot tea or simply in boiling water.

White honey helps to cope with neuroses, so it is useful to take the night before bedtime, has antiseptic properties. Successfully fights against angina, bronchitis of acute respiratory diseases.

To help restore the rhythm of the heart, the work of the intestines, liver and kidneys will also be able to this beekeeping product.

White honey- the concept of a team, which includes many varieties of honey, so its useful properties are different.


Contraindications and harm

White honey has the same contraindications as any other, except for a lower age threshold. I.e,to children from one and a half years it is given in small amount- up to 20 grams per day.In adolescence- up to 50,for an adulta person is acceptable to take it for food up to 100-110 grams. It is better, if it will be a three-time reception: in the morning on an empty stomach, in the afternoon before reception of nutrition and for the night, before a dream.


Those who suffer from intolerance to bee products, it is better to refrain from using it. Patients with diabetes can eat it after consulting a doctor, although it contains a lot of fructose.

A healthy person should not take it thoughtlessly. Otherwise, an allergic reaction is possible.


From what it turns out, what honey?

Because there are a lot of honey in the white honey,the period of nectar collection is extended in time. It starts from spring and ends in autumn.

White acacia nectarcollect in the southern regions of the country in May. It is in these areas, it is common, so honey is obtained without impurities. Blossoms this honey plant for two weeks, and the collection of nectar takes about ten days. Despite such short terms, bees manage to produce honey in large quantities. For example, from one hectare of acacia plantations get up to, tons of honey.

The bee collects nectar on a white acacia flower

White honey also comes out of lime, which blossoms abundantly in June-July, depending on the natural and climatic conditions of growth. From one tree-honey-bee, bees collect nectar for production of up to 15 kg of honey. From 1 ha of plantations - about one ton.

Flowers of a linden and a bee

Donnik as a honey is especially valuableon its medicinal properties. It is a herbaceous two-year-old plant that blooms for the second year all summer and early autumn. From 1 hectare of crops are harvested to, tons of honey.

Yellow clover

Another honey to the white honey is alfalfa, which blossoms from June to the end of summer. One flower blooms from two to four days. With a hectare of sowing, bees take a bribe, from which they produce honey from, to, tons.At the sainfoinand the yield of nectar and the timing of flowering are similar characteristics.

The bee collects the nectar from the alfalfa flower

Raspberries are of particular interest to bees. It blooms from May to August - in the hottest period of the year. It depends on the variety and conditions of growth. In the repairing varieties the flowering period is extended. Bees are happy to collect nectar from this plant because of its fragrance. The same is obtained and honey - fragrant, fragrant and sweet.

Raspberry flower with bee

Storage conditions

In order to preserve the useful properties of white honey longer, itsstored at a temperature of +5 to +18 degrees.

At temperatures above 40 degrees and below 35 with a minus sign, honey loses useful properties and is used simply as a treat.

The crystallization time depends on the medon and is determined by several months.Air humidityit is preferable to keep around 60%. Direct sunlight adversely affects the structure of honey. Under such storage conditions, it retains its useful properties for one and a half to two years.The best container is glass. The food plastic is suitable for transportation and temporary storage.

What are the main diseases that heal?

White honey helps cope with respiratory problems, helps with coughing, bronchitis, ARI.With eye disease(conjunctivitis) it is enough to make a honey solution and wash them several times to relieve the inflammatory processes. Sufferingdiseases of the gastrointestinal tractit is also useful because honey restores the intestinal microflora. Therefore, with gastritis it is taken internally.

Thanks to the positive effects of white honey, the metabolism is normalized, the work of the kidneys, heart and liver improves.Honey helps with insomnia, has calming properties.

White honey as a collective name for many varieties of honey, has as many unique beneficial properties. It is valuable both for lovers to eat sweet, and true connoisseurs of this bee product.Its use has a beneficial effect on the human bodyand helps cope with many diseases.

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