Puustelli Miinus Dark Brown Kitchen with Island

The Puustelli Miinus kitchen is an exclusive Finnish factory, real furniture of the future, available now. The main emphasis is placed on environmental friendliness of materials and original design solutions.

The kitchen is made in the company:

PUUSTELLI Group Oy (Finland)

G. St. Petersburg

More about the company
Sustainable kitchen Puustelli Miinus

The biocomposite kitchen frame does not contain formaldehyde at all. It is an innovation in the furniture industry of this decade. The case is made of recycled waterproof material that is moisture resistant and can withstand temperatures from -25 ° C to +90 ° C. In this kitchen, you will not find the usual MDF and chipboard. All materials are durable, strong and can be further sent for recycling. It is safe and lightweight furniture that does not create additional stress on hinges and mechanisms.

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The design solution is interesting primarily because the entire color scheme of the interior consists of dark tones. These are facades, a dark marble apron, a table top. Only the floor and walls are light, but this is enough to emphasize the beauty of the wooden surfaces. The most striking element of the entire interior is a golden chandelier over the island.

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Dark brown solid wood kitchen

Functional design, versatility and ease of maintenance are the strengths of Puustelli Miinus. The kitchen is modern, in dark wood, with a large wall-to-wall closet and an island. The construction of the island is very practical - there is a niche on one side. in which high bar stools are placed. A hob is installed on the island.

Sustainable kitchen Puustelli Miinus

On the next wall there is a functional 4-section wardrobe with built-in household appliances. The dark glass of the oven and microwave doors does not stand out against the background of dark surfaces; the refrigerator is also hidden behind the panels.

Large cabinet for household appliances

The gray marble apron (12 mm thick) attracts all the attention.

Marble gray apron

Another original idea is the absence of a back wall in glass cabinets. The marble streaks of the wall panel are visible through the glass. An airy glass cabinet with a marble side is an unusual solution. Open shelves have added lightness and spaciousness to the furniture, the sideboard seems to float in the air.

Upper fronts without back walls

Internal filling of cabinets is thoughtful and ergonomic. Drawer bottoms are made of OSB.

Drawer bottom made of OSB

Loops, guides - everything is of high quality and will last a long time. Large pull handles over the entire front width make it easy to slide out the heaviest drawers.

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